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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2016Applying Heuristic Optimization Technique for Optimal Scheduling of Pumped Storage Hydrothermal SystemNarang, Nitin; Patwal, Rituraj Singh
21-Jul-2017Bat Algorithm for Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relay SystemNarang, Nitin; Sharma, Tushar
6-Oct-2016Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch by using Modified Particle Swarm OptimizationNarang, Nitin; Jain, Shiwani
14-Aug-2014Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch Using Civilized Swarm OptimizationNarang, Nitin; Sharma, Era
24-Oct-2013Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch using Differential EvolutionNarang, Nitin; Sharma, Meghna
8-Oct-2009Composite System Reliability EvaluationNarang, Nitin; Gupta, Lovleen
19-Apr-2007Design and Development of voice based machine at remote locationSingla, Sunil; Narang, Nitin; Jasleen Kaur
13-Oct-2009Dynamic Economic Dispatch Using Particle Swarm OptimizationNarang, Nitin; Kumar, Awadhesh
20-Sep-2013Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch using Differential Evolution AlgorithmSingh, Nirbhowjap; Narang, Nitin; Kumar, Pardeep
21-Jul-2017Economic Dispatch Problem with Multiple Fuel by using Integrated Search TechniqueNarang, Nitin; Kaur, Manbir; Kumar, Nitish
14-Aug-2014Economic Load Dispatch using Modified Particle Swarm OptimizationNarang, Nitin; Kumari, Priyanka
14-Aug-2014Emission Constrained Economic Load Dispatch using Hybrid Constriction Particle Swarm OptimizationNarang, Nitin; Anand, Himanshu
23-Oct-2013Emission Constrained Thermal Unit Commitment Using Differential EvolutionNarang, Nitin; Navin, Nandan Kumar
5-Aug-2015A Hybrid Optimization Technique for Fixed and Variable Head Short-Term Hydrothermal SchedulingNarang, Nitin; Gupta, Shashank
23-Jun-2021Hybrid Optimization Technique to Solve Unit Commitment of Electric Power SystemNarang, Nitin; Dhillon, J. S.; Anand, Himanshu
5-Aug-2015Hybridization of Modified Gravitational Search Algorithm and SQP for Multi chain Hydrothermal SystemNarang, Nitin; Sharma, Saurabh
23-Jul-2018Moth-Flame Optimization Technique for Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relay SystemNarang, Nitin; Dhiman, Rahul
13-Nov-2013Multi Objective Economic Emission Dispatch Using Modified Multi Objective Particle Swarm OptimizationNarang, Nitin; Anjum, Shahroz
27-Mar-2023Multi Objective Optimal Power Flow Considering Wind Power PenetrationNarang, Nitin; Kaur, Mandeep