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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Mar-2011Analysis and Design of a Strategic Technology Development Program for Small Scale Manufacturing IndustrySingh, T.P.; Nanda, Tarun
3-Sep-2009An Assessment of Technology Development Initiatives of Tool Industry in the RegionNanda, Tarun; Singh, Davinder
31-Aug-2011Attributes and Components for the Strategic Development of Manufacturing Sector in the RegionNanda, Tarun; Saini, Ramandeep Singh
26-Aug-2014Effect of Inter-critical Annealing Parameters on the Recrystallization, Austenite Formation and Stabilization in a Dual Phase SteelNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Mittal, Mayank
16-Sep-2013Effect of Isothermal Annealing on Microstructural Morphology of Martensite in a Super Martensitic Stainless Steel subjected to different prior conditionsNanda, Tarun; Kumar, Ravi B.; Jasdeep
19-Aug-2015Effect of Martensite Morphology on the Tensile Deformation Behavior of a DP590 SteelNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Vishal
2-Aug-2016Effect of nanoclay addition on the mechanical properties of glass fibre reinforced epoxy nanocomposites processed through VARIMNanda, Tarun; Mehta, Rajeev; Shelly, Daksh
2-Aug-2016Effect of second phase distribution and morphology on the bake hardening behavior of dual phase steelsNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Chakraborty, Arnab
13-Aug-2018Effect of Twinning on the Mechanical Properties of Bainitic SteelsNanda, Tarun; Batish, Ajay; Poddar, Debasis; Singh, Vivek Kumar
8-Sep-2012Evaluating the Role of Investment Production and Linkage Capability in Improving the Performance of MSMEsNanda, Tarun; Singh, Navdeep
23-Sep-2010Evaluation of Contributions of Technology Upgradation Initiatives towards Performance Enhancements in Small Scale Manufacturing SectorNanda, Tarun; Dixit, Gopal Krishan
23-Sep-2009Evaluation of Contributions of Total Productive Maintenance towards Manufacturing Performance EnhancementNanda, Tarun; Sharma, Vivek
26-Aug-2014Fabrication and Property Evaluation of a Epoxy-Clay-PET Nanocomposite SystemNanda, Tarun; Mehta, Rajeev; Raturi, Madhav
17-Aug-2017High Strain Rate Deformation Behavior of Dual Phase Steels: The Role of Martensite Volume Fraction and DistributionNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Manpreet
26-Aug-2014Inter-critical Annealing of a Lean Composition Steel under Controlled Cooling to Produce Multiphase MicrostructureNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Surinder
1-May-2007Material Parameters and Creep in a Rotating Composite CylinderGupta, V. K.; Nanda, Tarun; Sachan, Kapil
19-Sep-2011Mechanisms for Producing Ultra Fine Nano Grained Microstructure for Austenitic Stainless SteelsNanda, Tarun; Pandey, O. P.; Kumar, B. Ravi; Sharma, Pankaj
1-May-2007Modeling Creep in a Rotating Composite of Variable ThicknessGupta, V. K.; Nanda, Tarun; Kaushik, Hemant Kumar
11-Aug-2016A new annealing route for industrial processing of dual phase steels to obtain improved mechanical propertiesNanda, Tarun; Kumar, B. Ravi; Singh, Virender
1-May-2007Organizational Climate for Technology Capability Building in Small Firms.Nanda, Tarun; Singh, Rajwinder