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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2017CFD Analysis of a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustor Based on Co-Firing Biomass & CoalMohapatra, S. K.; Singh, Ravi Inder; Kumar, Hemant
12-Aug-2015A comparative experimental study between the biodiesels of Jatropha and Palm oils based on their performance and emissions in a four stroke diesel engineSharma, Sumeet; Mohapatra, S. K.; Kundu, K.; Nagar, Deepesh
22-Aug-2013Comparative Study Of Non Edible Bio Diesel FuelMohapatra, S. K.; Lal, Sohan
Sep-2010Computational Investigation of Flow Field in a Centrifugal Slurry PumpKumar, Satish; Mohapatra, S. K.; Joshi, Rakesh
9-Aug-2019Concept of Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition on a Single Cylinder Automotive EngineMohapatra, S. K.; Virdi, Komal
7-Aug-2017Design, Feasibility Study and Utilisation of Fluidised Bed Combustion Technique for Sewage SludgeMohapatra, S. K.; Singh, Gaganpreet
1-May-2007Design,Development and Testing of Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustor for Incineration of AgriwasteMohapatra, S. K.; Ishbir Singh
4-Sep-2012Evaluation of Erosion and Friction Wear of Ductile MaterialMohapatra, S. K.; Chawla, Kapil
24-Sep-2011Evaluation of Mechanical Behaviour of Friction Stir Welded JointsMohapatra, S. K.; Pathak, Pritika
24-Jul-2018Exhaust Emission Study of Turbocharged CI Engine under Transient Operation Using BS IV and BS VI Diesel FuelMohapatra, S. K.; Marhawa, Akshey
20-Jul-2018Experimental Investigation on Effect of Biodiesel and its Blends with Additives in VCR EngineMohapatra, S. K.; Ragit, S. S.; Singh, Gurpinder
29-Jun-2017Experimental Investigation on Effect of Kusum and Safflower Oil Methyl Ester in a VCR EngineMohapatra, S. K.; Ragit, S. S.; Kumar, Nitin
7-Sep-2010Experimental Study on Thermal and Structural Analysis of Tool and Cutter Grinding Operation Using Finite Element MethodMohapatra, S. K.; Singla, V. K.; Dhull, Vinod
1-May-2007Exprimental Investigation of Performance Characteristics of an Ultrasonic Machining ProcessMohapatra, S. K.; Singla, V. K.; Singh, Parminderpal
27-Oct-2017Graph Theoritic Modelling and Analysis of Computer Integrated Manufacturing SystemSharma, Sumeet; Mohapatra, S. K.; Khurana, Govil
16-Oct-2019Hydrogen enrichment of biogas through reforming & its utilization in compression ignition engine under dual fuel modeDhir, Amit; Mohapatra, S. K.; Rosha, Pali
19-Jul-2019Identify and Define Air-Conditioning Parameters Affecting Fuel Economy and Validation on Actual VehicleMohapatra, S. K.; Mani, Dwijendra; Hiteshbhai Vaid, Yash
9-Sep-2012Investigation of Erosion Wear of Slurry Pump MaterialMohapatra, S. K.; Saini, Naveen
19-Jul-2019Investigation of flow characteristics for coal-charcoal slurry fuelMohapatra, S. K.; Kumar, Satish; Singh, Anil
30-Aug-2016Investigation of flow characteristics of coal and oil slurryMohapatra, S. K.; Kumar, Satish; Juneja, Puneet