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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Aug-2015Effects of Cu-Doping on PbS Thin FilmsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Bector, Keerti
13-Sep-2018Electrical Flexibility of Cu Thin Films for Applications in Flexible ElectronicsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Garg, Deepti
16-Nov-2022Growth and Characterization of Cu2ZnSn(SSe)4 Thin Films for Solar Cell ApplicationsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Pandey, Kaushlendra
5-Jun-2020Growth and Characterization of Non-Hydrazine Solution Processed Cu2(ZnSn)(SSe)4 Thin Films for Solar CellsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Gupta, Indu
2-Sep-2019Growth of Transparent, Conductive and Hydrophobic ZnO:Al Thin FilmsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Kaur, Harpreet
20-Aug-2020Persistence photoconductivity in ZnO thin filmsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Joshi, Neha
8-Sep-2016Solution Processed Zinc Indium Tin Oxide Thin Films for Thin Film Transistor ApplicationsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Nidhi
13-Sep-2018Solution-Processed CuSbS2 Thin Films for Solar Cell ApplicationMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Isha
19-Sep-2022Spin-coated ZnO Thin Films for Dye Degradation ApplicationsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Nagar, Khwaish
6-Oct-2021Strain Engineering in Thin FilmsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Mahajan, Jyoti
31-Aug-2017Structural and Optical Properties of Gold Nanoparticle Embedded Solution Processed Zinc Oxide Thin FilmsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Kaur, Sargun
2-Sep-2017Studies on Sputter-Deposited Cu Nanocluster Embedded ZnO Thin FilmsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Gupta, Anubhav
2019Study of Antimony Sulphide Thin Film Grown from Non-Toxic SolutionsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Aarushi
13-Sep-2018Study of Evolution of Surface Roughness of Cu Thin FilmsMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Pandey, Vaibhavi
3-Sep-2017Study of Optical Properties of Au Nanoparticle Embedded Zinc Oxide Thin FilmMohanty, Bhaskar Chandra; Aastha