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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2018AgNPs Embedded Screen Printed Electrodes Modified with Schiff Base Ionophore for Al(III) DeterminationMittal, Susheel; Nain, Arjun
11-Sep-2009An Appraisal of Underground Water Quality and Prevalence of Dental Fluorosis Among School Children in Some Villages of Jind District, HaryanaRajor, Anita; Mittal, Susheel; Pareek, Ravi Kant
12-Aug-2011Benzimidazole Based Fluorescent Chemosensors and their Properties as Molecular Logic GatesMittal, Susheel; Luxami, Vijay; Bhutani, Maitri
14-Aug-2015Biosensor for Organophosphorus Pesticides Detection by the Fabrication of ZnO NanoparticlesMittal, Susheel; Kaur, Amanpreet
30-Aug-2017Biosensors for Organophosphorous Pesticides and Development of a Portable Prototype based on ISFETMittal, Susheel; Patial, Baneesh
12-Nov-2018Cause-Effect Modelling of Crop Residue Burning on Urban School Children HealthAgarwal, Ravinder; Mittal, Susheel; Gupta, Sachin
23-Apr-2014Chemical Sensors Based on Pyridyl Ionophores for Selective Determination of Some Transition Metal IonsMittal, Susheel; Kumar, Pawan
10-Oct-2011Computational Studies On Energy Minimization Of Some Aryl Ether Based MoleculesMittal, Susheel; Chhibber, Manmohan; Joshi, Amrita Preet
17-Aug-2009Computer Simulation Studies on Metal-Ionophore InteractionsMittal, Susheel; Kaur, Karamjeet
7-Oct-2016Design and Development of Arylether Based Receptors for Electroanalytical ApplicationsMittal, Susheel; Chhibber, Manmohan; Rashmi
25-Aug-2010Design and Synthesis of Dipodal ReceptorMittal, Susheel; Gill, Prabhjot Kaur
23-Aug-2010Design, Synthesis and Recognition Studies of Tripodal ReceptorMittal, Susheel; Kaur, Navneet; Dilbar, Jasneet Kaur
10-Mar-2014Determination of Lanthanides By Conductometry Using Some Sequestering AgentsMittal, Susheel; Kumar S. K., Ashok; Matharu, Komal
20-Aug-2009Determination Of Stability Constant For Different Metal Ions Using Sandwich Membrane MethodMittal, Susheel; Kumar, Ravinder
29-Aug-2014Development of Optical Biosensor for the Detection of PesticidesMittal, Susheel; Singh, Gurpreet
7-Aug-2020Development of Some Biosensors and Their Analytical ApplicationsMittal, Susheel; Pabbi, Manisha
20-Aug-2014Diphenyl ether based receptors for chemical sensing of Iron(III) using SpectrofluorimetryMittal, Susheel; Chhibber, Manmohan; Kaur, Gagandeep
4-Aug-2010Esterification Reactions Using Zirconium based Inorganic ION ExchangersMittal, Susheel; Singh, Charanjit
21-Oct-2016Fluorescence Biosensor for the Determination of Organophosphorus PesticidesMittal, Susheel; Bhatia, Pallvi
2-Dec-2011Granulation of Zirconium PhosphoborateMittal, Susheel; Mehta, Rajeev; Sharma, Rahul