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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2017Benign Hepatic Tumor Segmentation on Ultrasound ImagesMittal, Deepti; Kapoor, Ishani
21-Sep-2022Classification of Liver Diseases using CT and MR ImagesMittal, Deepti; Krishan, Abhay
19-Aug-2014Classification of Texture Parameters Between Normal And Tumor Portions of a CT Scan ImageMittal, Deepti; Kumar, Suchit
12-Aug-2016Comparative Evaluation of PCA-based Feature Transformation Techniques in Classification of Hepatic Focal Lesions with Ultrasound ImagesMittal, Deepti; Paul, Himanshu
23-Sep-2020Computer Aided Diagnosis of Liver Diseases Using Ultrasound ImagesMittal, Deepti; Bharti, Puja
12-Aug-2015Designing of Computer Aided Diagnostic System for the Identification of Exudates in Retinal Fundus ImageMittal, Deepti; Mishra, Santosh Kumar
11-Aug-2015Detection and Quantification of Drusen in Retinal Fundus ImagesMittal, Deepti; Kumari, Kajal
26-Aug-2016Detection of Hypertensive Retinopathy throuh Color Fundus ImagesMittal, Deepti; Rani, Anju
19-Aug-2014Detection of Tumor in MammogramMittal, Deepti; Sharma, Kanchan
11-Aug-2015Enhancement and Characterization of Cancerous Tissue Using Computed Tomography ImagesMittal, Deepti; Sharma, Kanika
25-Aug-2014Landmark Detection in Retinal Fundus ImagesMittal, Deepti; Saluja, Kritika
26-Aug-2016Modified distance regularized level set method to segment hepatic tumorMittal, Deepti; Thakur, Ritambhara
19-Mar-2019Retinal Disease Diagnosis through Computer Aided Fundus Image AnalysisMittal, Deepti; Kaur, Jaskirat
12-Aug-2014Secure Data Mining in Cloud using Homomorphic EncryptionAggarwal, Ashish; Kaur, Damandeep; Mittal, Deepti
31-Oct-2013Ultrasonic Characterization of Different Wood SamplesAgarwal, Ravinder; Mittal, Deepti; Sharma, Rakesh