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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2011Algorithmic Approach to Study Equilibrium Structure of Rotationally and Tidally Distorted Stellar ModelsLal, A. K.; Kumar, Hamit
20-Apr-2010Analytic and Computational Studies of Structures and Oscillations of Rotating Stars and Stars in Binary SystemsLal, A. K.; Pathania, Ankush
20-Aug-2009A Comparative Study of Classical and Quantum Computing with the Analysis of Logic GatesLal, A. K.; Kumar, Anil
3-Aug-2016Effects of Eccentric Orbits And Asynchronous on the Equillibrium Structures of Rotationally and Tidally Distorted Polytropic Models of StarsLal, A. K.; Madaan, Nikita
10-Sep-2012Equilibrium Structure of Non-Synchronously Rotating and Tidally Distorted Binary StarsLal, A. K.; Kaur, Hanspreet
22-Aug-2016Equilibrium Structure of Rotationally, Tidally and Magnetically Distorted Polytropic Models of StarsLal, A. K.; Sharma, Vatsala
13-Nov-2013Fitted Mesh Methods for the Numerical Solutions of Singularly Perturbed ProblemsLal, A. K.; Bawa, Rajesh K.; Kumar, Vinod
12-Sep-2013Mathematical Analysis of Reliability and Availability of Soap manufacturing IndustryLal, A. K.; Goyal, Neenu
21-Aug-2017Optimal Software Reliability and Optimal Multiprocessor Scheduling ProblemsLal, A. K.; Mohan, C; Panwar, Poonam
8-Sep-2017Performance Analysis of Tyre Mounting Hub Leakage in JCB Robot 135 MachineLal, A. K.; Singh, Jyoti
24-Aug-2009Reliability Analysis of Piston Manufacturing PlantLal, A. K.; Lata, Sneh
9-Oct-2012Reliability and Availability Analysis of Timber Processing PlantLal, A. K.; Sood, Hitesh
21-Feb-2013Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Some Process Industrial SystemsLal, A. K.; Bhatia, S. S.; Shakuntla
19-Sep-2014Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis of an Industrial ProcessLal, A. K.; Bhatia, S. S.; Reddy, A. S.; Kaur, Manwinder
2-Aug-2017Roche Coordinates for Rotationally and Magnetically Distorted Binary StarsLal, A. K.; Singla, Palak
24-Aug-2009A Statistical Analysis of the Attitude of the Users towards Library of the Thapar University, Patiala and the Punjabi University, PatialaLal, A. K.; Kaur, Dilpreet
16-Oct-2018Stochastic Modeling and Cost Analysis of some Industrial SystemsLal, A. K.; Bhatia, S. S.; Tuteja, R. K.; Rachna
5-Sep-2014System of Roche Coordinates of Rotationally and Tidally Distorted Stars in Presence of Coriolis ForceLal, A. K.; Kaur, Navjot