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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2019Birth Order, Parenting Style, Impulsivity and Narcissism as Determinants of Risk Perception and Risk Taking BehaviourKumari, Santha; Mahajan, Sanya
30-Jul-2019Body Image Satisfaction, Social Media Usage, Self Esteem as Determinants of Selfie Obsession and Psychological Well BeingKumari, Santha; Kaur, Manpreet
12-Jul-2023Changes in Performance on Cognitive Abilities And Manual Dexterity Tasks Across Different Phases of the Menstrual CycleKumari, Santha; Kaur, Tavleen
21-Aug-2017Colors and its relation with DepressionKumari, Santha; Mithali, Mehra
16-Nov-2021Communication Enabled By LMS: an Empirical Study Based on TAMKumari, Santha; Khatri, Jahanvi
8-Jun-2018A Comparative Study of Addicts and Nonaddicts on Dysfunctional Attitudes and Coping StrategiesKumari, Santha; Kaur, Nitashinder
22-Dec-2023A Comparative Study of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Retraining Treatment in Depressive DisorderKumari, Santha; Aarzoo
24-Jul-2017A Comparative Study of Cross Gender Identified Males and Females on Coping Strategies, Emotion Regulation Strategies and Defense MechanismsKumari, Santha; Garg, Ankita
30-Aug-2022Dark Triad VS Light Triad Personality: A Comparative Study of Depression and HappinessKumari, Santha; Oli, Samriddhi
18-Jan-2024Determinants of Different Facets of Narcissism and Their Linkage with EmpathyKumari, Santha; Virk, Puneet
11-Jul-2023Determinants of Internalized Misogyny: A Comparative Study of AgeandMarital StatusKumari, Santha; Kaur, Harleen
25-Jul-2017Effect of Attachment Style, Self Esteem and Delay of Gratification on Academic AchievementKumari, Santha; Kaur, Jasmeet
24-Jul-2017Effect of Attachment Styles on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership StylesKumari, Santha; Kaur, Amanpreet
18-Oct-2016Effect of Cognitive Abilities, Emotional Intelligence and Self Esteem on Investment Decision Making: A Prospect Theory ApproachKumari, Santha; Arora, Muskaan
30-Aug-2022Effect of Fathers’ and Mothers’ Differential Parenting on Emotional Expressivity And Attachment Style of Young Males and FemalesKumari, Santha; Kuthiala, vani
19-Jun-2019The effect of handedness and family sinistrality on stroop interference task, choice reaction time and vigilance taskKumari, Santha; Jain, Aayushi
11-Jul-2023The Effect of Handedness and Gender on Performance in Cognitive Ability TasksKumari, Santha; Sharda, Meeshita
7-Jun-2018The Effect of Parenting Styles of Mothers on Delay of Gratification, and its Relationship with the Cognitive Abilities in Preschool ChildrenKumari, Santha; Jain, Prerna
8-Jun-2018Effect of Perceived Stress and Coping Strategies on Resilience and Emotional ReactivityKumari, Santha; Kaur, Amarpreet
30-Aug-2022The Effect of Personality, Resilience and PTSD on the Quality of LifeKumari, Santha; Dixit, Anushree