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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2015Algorithm for automatic text retrieval from images of book coversKumar, Vinay; Yadav, Niharika
3-Nov-2009Analysis, Verification and FPGA Implementation of Vedic Multiplier With Bist CapabilityChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Kumar, Vinay
30-Aug-2019Colorization of Grayscale Images Using Generative Adversarial NetworkKumar, Vinay; Sharma, Uma
11-Oct-2017Design and Development of Computer Vision System for Calorie and Nutrition MeasurementKumar, Vinay; Manisha
3-Oct-2017Design and Development of Medicine Text Identification SystemKumar, Vinay; Mehra, Tanvi
29-Aug-2016Design, Development and Fabrication of Patch Compensated Wideband Vivaldi Antenna and Its Analysis in Radome ChamberKumar, Vinay; Dhawan, Rajveer
14-Oct-2015Development of a novel technique for skew detection, estimation and correction of scanned documentKumar, Vinay; Khajuria, Mukul
9-Dec-2019Development of framework for facial expression analysis using representation learningKumar, Vinay; Singh, Vivek
6-Jan-2021Development of Novel Techniques for Image Fusion with Improved Depth of Field and Dynamic RangeKumar, Vinay; Chaudhary, Vishal
14-Oct-2015Image compression using neural networkKumar, Vinay; Goyal, Sagar
1-May-2007Isolation and Screening of Phosphate Bacteria Showing Alkaline Phosphatase ActivityKhanna, Sunil Kumar; Kumar, Vinay
29-Aug-2016A Novel Approach Towards Devanagari Transliteraton Using Statistical and Structural Feature ExtractionKumar, Vinay; Kaur, Jasmine
7-Oct-2020Quality Assessment and Classification of Basil Using Computer VisionKumar, Vinay; Joshi, Hem Dutt; Gittaly
2-Aug-2016Real Time Implementation of Sobel Edge Detector on FPGAKumar, Vinay; Singhal, Dhruv
26-Oct-2023Semantic Aware Generative Adversarial Network for Image Super-resolutionKumar, Vinay; Dhall, Abhinav; Sharma, Shailza
12-Sep-2018Super-Resolution Using Deep LearningKumar, Vinay; Sharma, Shailza
10-Sep-2018Text Detection and Character Recognition in Images with Neural NetworksKumar, Vinay; Thakur, Akhilesh