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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2015Bond strength of concrete contaning recycled concrete aggregates and recycled plastic aggregatesKaur, Gurbir; Kumar, Vijay
25-Mar-2022Computational Investigation of Glucose Binding ReceptorAli, Amjad; Kumar, Vijay; Kondabala, Rajesh
31-Jul-2019Design and development of binary metaheuristic algorithms for Feature SelectionKumar, Vijay; Kaur, Avneet
25-Sep-2017Design and Development of Reliable Capacitated Facility Location for Distribution Network DesignKumar, Vijay; Anand, Rimmi
26-Apr-2019Design and Development of Visibility Restoration Techniques for Weather Degraded ImagesKumar, Vijay; Singh, Dilbag
31-Jul-2019Development of Chaotic Metaheuristic Algorithm for Engineering Design ProblemsKumar, Vijay; Kaur Kaleka, Kamalinder
9-Aug-2017Development of Efficient Approaches for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time WindowsKumar, Vijay; Girdhar, Ashish; Aggarwal, Divya
19-Aug-2019Development of Efficient Color Image Encryption Techniques Using Evolutionary ApproachesKumar, Vijay; Kaur, Manjit
29-Oct-2019Development of Efficient Image Steganography System for 3D Image ModelsKumar, Vijay; Girdhar, Ashish
20-Aug-2022Metaheuristic Approaches for Occlusion Invariant 3D Face Recognition TechniqueKumar, Vijay; Sharma, Sahil
20-Sep-2019Multi-objective Metaheuristic Approaches for Data Clustering in Engineering Application(s)Kumar, Vijay; Dhiman, Gaurav
20-Sep-2019Performance Comparision of Single Slope Solar Still Loaded With Various Nano-FluidsMittal, Madhup Kumar; Kumar, Vijay
25-Aug-2008Study of Thermal Effects in Non-Recessed Hybrid Journal Bearing with Non-Newtonian LubricantKumar, Vijay; Sharda, H.B.; Garg, Hemchander