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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2016Design and Analysis of Enhanced U-Shaped Multiband Microstrip Patch Slotted Antenna Using DGSKumar, Sukhwinder; Dhindsa, Navjot Singh
10-Aug-2015Design and Analysis of Ultrawide Band Microstrip Antenna with Band-Notched CharacteristicsKumar, Sukhwinder; Singh, Navtej
17-Sep-2012Design and Comparison of Modified Circular Bow-Tie Antenna for Under Water Radio Communication by Optimizing Different ParameterKumar, Sukhwinder; Kumar, Sachin
8-Aug-2016Design ff an Octagonal Fractal Slot Loop Antenna Loaded With Dielectric Resonator and Optimization of its ParametersKumar, Sukhwinder; Gupta, Sahil
8-Aug-2016Design of an Improved X-Shaped Fractal Antenna With Defected Ground StructureKumar, Sukhwinder; Ramanjeet
18-Aug-2015Design of fractal antenna for WLAN and UWB applicationsKumar, Sukhwinder; Singh, Deepti
22-Aug-2014FPGA based multiplication using MUX and Vedic MultiplierKumar, Sukhwinder; Choudhary, Rakhi
12-Sep-2019Gesture Recognition Using Tuned Convolution Neural NetworkKumar, Sunil; Kumar, Sukhwinder; Singh, Maninder
21-Aug-2015Minkowski algorithm t-shaped fractal patch antenna design with improved return lossKumar, Sukhwinder; Kumar, Sunil
12-Sep-2019Optimization of Error in Localization of Iris for Non-Frontal FacesKumar, Sukhwinder; Kumar, Ipsita
14-Aug-2014Performance Analysis of Different Ad Hoc Routing Protocols under Different Mobility ConditionsKumar, Sukhwinder; Kaur, Jasndeep