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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2014Application of Data Pre-Processing Techniques for Supervised ClassificationKumar, Ravi; Singh, Tej
23-Aug-2017Area and Power Efficient Register Allocation Technique for the Implementation of Principal Component AnalysisKumar, Ravi; Thethi, Sukhmani Kaur
11-Feb-2020Classification of Ragas Using Psychoacoustic Features and Soft Computational TechniquesKumar, Ravi; Kaur, Chandanpreet
26-Jul-2012CMOS Low Noise RF Amplifier Design and Parameter Estimation Using ANNKumar, Ravi; Kumar, Somesh
26-Jul-2012Design and Analysis of Low Power SRAMKumar, Ravi; Gupta, Nitin
14-Aug-2014Design and Implementation of Adaptive Filters for Low Power and High Speed ApplicationsKumar, Ravi; Bali, Aditya
16-Sep-2013Design Of An Integrated Neuro-Genetic Processor For Pattern Recognition ApplicationsKumar, Ravi; Kumar, Sunil
17-Aug-2022Development of Efficient Resource Allocation Techniques for Cooperative Communication Networks using Game Theoretic ModelsSharma, Sanjay; Kumar, Ravi; Lamba, Amanjot Kaur
5-Aug-2013Effects of Blast on BuildingsKwatra, Naveen; Kumar, Ravi
30-Jun-2020Efficient Implementation of Adaptive Filters and Classifiers Using Multilayer Perceptron Feedforward Neural NetworkKumar, Ravi; Sakshi
12-Sep-2016Efficient Implementation of LMS Adaptive Filter Using Distributed ArithmeticKumar, Ravi; Bali, Priya
5-Aug-2015Game theoretic approach on analysis of wireless sensor networksKumar, Ravi; Kaur, Divleen
2016Game theoretical analysis of Resource Allocation in Cooperative CommunicationSharma, Sanjay; Kumar, Ravi; Dadwal, Sunandini
27-Aug-2013Ground bounce minimization in low power MTCMOS circuitsKumar, Ravi; Shekhar, Siddharth
18-Aug-2015Identification of Individual Melodies Using Artificial Neural Network ClassifierKumar, Ravi; Priya
9-Aug-2012Implementation of an Integrated Artificial Neural Network Trained with Back Propagation AlgorithmKumar, Ravi; Joshi, Mohit
11-Sep-2023Implementation of Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) in Ubiquitous Processors Using AI / Machine Learning TechniquesKumar, Ravi; Thethi, Sukhmani Kaur
14-Aug-2014Implementation of Variable Step-Size LMS Filter in Neural NetworkKumar, Ravi; Gupta, Deepak
12-Aug-2014Music Signal Processing with Emphasis on Genre ClassificationKumar, Ravi; Arora, Vaibhav
27-Aug-2013Pattern analysis techniques for identification of individual gases using response of a poorly selective solid state sensor arrayKumar, Ravi; Agarwal, Akash