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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2017Agent Based Efficient Consistency Control and Replica Management in Data GridsKumar, Rajesh; Sharma, Anju; Vashisht, Priyanka
8-Nov-2010Analysis and Design of Metrics for Aspect-Oriented SystemsKumar, Rajesh; Grover, P. S.; Kumar, Avadhesh
24-Jul-2015Analysis of TCP Variarnts Over Variable TrafficKumar, Rajesh; Chauhan, Varun
17-Aug-2017Arrival Based Deadline Aware Job Scheduling in CloudKumar, Rajesh; Gupta, Swati
11-Aug-2016Artificial Bee Colony based Fisheye State Routing Dissemination TechniqueKumar, Rajesh; Divya
21-Nov-2009Design and Analysis of Metrics for Component-Based Software SystemsKumar, Rajesh; Grover, P. S.; Sharma, Arun
22-Aug-2014Design and Analysis of Some Software Metrics Using Soft Computing ApproachesKumar, Rajesh; Sharma, Arun; Kumar, Vijai
8-Dec-2008Design and Development of a Reusable Software Components RepositoryJoshi, R. C.; Dave, Mayank; Kumar, Rajesh
5-Sep-2013Effect of amino acids on the thermal stability of hen lysozyme both in the absence and presence of denaturantKumar, Rajesh; Kaur, Rajwinder
20-Sep-2012Effect of Guanidine Hydrochloride on the Thermal Stability of Hen Egg White LysozymeKumar, Rajesh; Kumar, Sanjeev
31-Aug-2010Effect of Neutral Salt on Stability and Dynamics of Horse Ferrocytochrome CKumar, Rajesh; Ali, Amjad; Kaur, Karamjeet
18-Nov-2011Effect of Neutral Salt on the Stability of Horse Cytochrome c at Acidic pHKumar, Rajesh; Rani, Dhiraj
13-Oct-2015Effect of Rice Husk Ash and Steel Fibre on the Strength Characteristics of Pavement Quality ConcreteChopra, Tanuj; Kumar, Maneek; Kumar, Rajesh
16-Aug-2010Effect of Solvent Viscosity on the Motional Dynamics of Native Carbonmonoxycytochrome CKumar, Rajesh; Kaur, Gurinder Pal
5-Sep-2013Effect of Sugars on the Thermal Stability of Hen Lysozyme both in the Absence and Presence of DenaturantsKumar, Rajesh; Joshi, Reena
14-Aug-2018Efficient Controller Positioning in SDNKumar, Rajesh; Kanwar, Pratibha
25-Aug-2014Efficient Data dissemination for Topology managementin VANETsKumar, Rajesh; Khanna, Abhishek
5-Aug-2021An Efficient Framework for Data Dissemination in Multi-UAV Ad hoc NetworksKumar, Rajesh; Sayeed, Mohd. Abuzar
15-Jun-2016Efficient Load Balancing Algorithms for Parallel and Distributed SystemsKumar, Rajesh; Alam, Jahangir
4-Aug-2016Efficient Routing in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Using Firefly OptimizationKumar, Rajesh; Chhabra, Sahil