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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Dec-2021Decay of Nuclear Systems with A~110-260 and Related Stability AspectsKumar, Raj; Sharma, Manoj K.; Virk, Navjot Kaur
15-Jul-2020Effect of low-lying rotational energy levels on fusion cross-sectionKumar, Raj; Jain, Nishu
14-Nov-2018Effect of octupole deformation and associated orientation on fusion dynamics of 16O+144Ba, 224Rn, 224Ra, 224Th, and 224U reactionsKumar, Raj; Jivea
30-Sep-2019Effect of Shell Correction on the Decay Pattern and Half Life Times for Spontaneous Fission within the Collective Clusterization ApproachKumar, Raj; Bhatia, Shivangi
30-Sep-2019Fusion cross-sections using different nuclear proximity potentials and radii at low energyKumar, Raj; Puar, Manpreet Kaur
8-Aug-2017Investigation of Different Target- Projectile Combinations for the Synthesis of Z=120 ElementKumar, Raj; Sharma, Mehak
15-Jul-2020Study of dependence of Ram Pressure on the orbital parameters of GalaxiesGulati, Mamta; Kumar, Raj; Davessar, Shreya
21-Sep-2022A Study of Exotic Compound Nuclear Systems and Subsequent Fragment Emission Using Skyrme Energy Density FormalismSharma, Manoj K.; Kumar, Raj; Jain, Shivani
8-Apr-2022Surface properties of exotic isotopic chains using relativistic mean-field formalismKumar, Raj; Yadav, Praveen Kumar
9-Aug-2017Testing of Proximity Potentials in Different Mass RegionsKumar, Raj; Arpita
24-Aug-2023Time Series Analysis of Fermi-LAT BlazarsKumar, Raj; Singh, Krishna Kumar; Pranjal, Chaturvedi