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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2022Adaptive Learning System with Educational Data Mining and Learning AnalyticsKumar, Parteek; Garg, Deepak; Anika
29-Aug-2017Automated Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning and Deep Learning TechniquesKumar, Parteek; Gupta, Yachika
30-Jan-2024Cognitive Analysis Based System for Effective Online LearningKumar, Parteek; Tekchandani, Rajkumar; Gupta, Swadha
13-Jan-2021Fake Content Detection System for Multimodal Signals over Social MediaKumar, Parteek; Kumaraguru, Ponnurangam; Kaur, Sawinder
26-Jul-2019Forecasting Soil moisture based on evaluation of Time Series AnalysisKumar, Parteek; Kaur, Sanmeet; Singh, Sukhwinder
19-Oct-2016HamNoSys based Indian Sign Language Generation SystemKumar, Parteek; Kaur, Khushdeep
21-Feb-2024Indian Sign Language Recognition System for Simple Manual SignsKumar, Parteek; Wadhawan, Ankita
20-Aug-2012Mobile Application for Transliteration of Roman Script to Gurmukhi ScriptKumar, Parteek; Kaur, Rupinderdeep; Singh, Maninder
29-Jul-2015Natural User interface using Microsoft Kinect and HTKKumar, Parteek; Kumar, Umesh
6-Nov-2021Prosody Based Phonetic Engine and Speaker Classification for Punjabi LanguageSharma, R. K.; Kumar, Parteek; Kaur, Rupinderdeep
26-Jul-2019Quote Examiner: Verifying quoted images using web-based text similarityKumar, Parteek; Banerjee, Sneha
24-Jul-2017Rule Based Anaphora Resolution for ISL Generation SystemKumar, Parteek; Singla, Deepakshi
5-Aug-2014Rule Based Sentiment Analysis SystemKumar, Parteek; Rani, Sujata
11-Jan-2021Sentiment Analysis of Social Media for Hindi LanguageKumar, Parteek; Rani, Sujata
11-Aug-2014Sign Language AutomationKumar, Parteek; Kaur, Rupinder
7-Aug-2017Sign Language based SMS Generator for Hearing Impaired PeopleKumar, Parteek; Kaur, Rubaljit
13-Aug-2015Twitter Sentimental Analysis SystemKumar, Parteek; Joshi, Upasna
24-Oct-2019Universal Networking Language Based Question Answering System for Information Retrieval of Punjabi LanguageKumar, Parteek; Agarwal, Vaibhav
27-Jun-2012UNL Based Machine Translation System for Punjabi LanguageSharma, R. K.; Kumar, Parteek
31-Jan-2022Word Sense Disambiguation for Punjabi LanguageKumar, Parteek; Singh, Varinder Pal