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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2018Application of Immersed Boundary Method for Physiological Flow Analysis in 2D Stenosed ArteryKumar, Neeraj; Kumar, Manish; Singh, Gurpreet
Jul-2019Application of Nodal Integral Method for Convection-Diffusion Physics and Navier-Stokes EquationsKumar, Neeraj; Singh, Yuvraj
13-Aug-2013Architecture for multicasting using private tunnelKumar, Neeraj; Sidhu, Amandeep Singh
8-Aug-2014Battery Power and Trust based Routing Strategy for MANETKumar, Neeraj; Heena
15-Nov-2022Big Data Analytics for Demand Response in Smart GridRana, Prashant Singh; Kumar, Neeraj; Kumari, Sanju
8-Aug-2019CARaM: Coordinated Adaptive Replica Management for Charging StationsKumar, Neeraj; Kalra, Nidhi; Bhatt, Ritesh
13-Aug-2013Comparative analysis of low rate denial of service attack in MANETsKumar, Neeraj; Sharma, Arvind
27-Jul-2018Computational Hemodynamic Study of Healthy and Pathological Abdominal AortaKumar, Neeraj; Kandpal, Abhishek
24-Jan-2024Computational Investigation of Magnetic Hyperthermia for Complex-Shaped Tumor using Finite Volume Immersed Boundary MethodKumar, Neeraj; Singh, Amritpal
22-Aug-2018A Computational Investigation of Magnetic Nanoparticle induced Hyperthermia using the Finite Volume MethodKumar, Neeraj; Singh, Gurmeet
17-May-2024Content Centric Networking Based Secure Decentralized Data Management In V2G EnvironmentKumar, Neeraj; Miglani, Arzoo
19-Sep-2018Data Analytics of Smart Grid Environment for Efficient Management of Demand ResponseKumar, Neeraj; Singh, Mukesh; Jindal, Anish
14-Aug-2018Deep Learning-based Data Dissemination Scheme in Content-Centric Internet of VehiclesKumar, Neeraj; Gulati, Amuleen
27-Jul-2016Demand Response of Smart Grid using Dynamic PricingKumar, Neeraj; Sinha, Akhilesh Kumar
29-Aug-2014Design and Development of ACO Routing Protocol for MANETsKumar, Neeraj; Verma, A. K.; Singh, Gurpreet
20-Aug-2014Design and Development of an Efficient Alert Summarization Technique for Cloud Environment to Detect IntrusionsKumar, Neeraj; Singh, Ankit
24-Oct-2016Design and Implementation of an Efficient Framework for Web Page ClassificationKumar, Neeraj; Kumar, Vinod
2-Sep-2016Distributed Renewable Energy Sources for Load Balancing in Smart GridKumar, Neeraj; Arora, Rema
30-Aug-2016Dynamic Cache Invalidation in Wireless EnvironmentsKumar, Neeraj; Tiwari, Rajeev
6-May-2024Dynamic Pricing based Efficient Model for Smart Parking SystemBawa, Seema; Kumar, Neeraj; Saharan, Sandeep