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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2013Analysis of dispersion properties of photonic crystal slabKumar, Mukesh; Wadhwa, Aayushi
17-Sep-2013Analysis Of Photonic Crystals Based Solar CellsKumar, Mukesh; Sadana, Varun
25-Jul-2012Characterization of Lactobacilli Isolated from Indigenous Fermented Foods and Human Gut with Special Reference to Their Probiotic AttributesGanguli, Abhijit; Kumar, Mukesh
4-Aug-2014Design and Analysis of High Performance Photonic Crystal NanocavityKumar, Mukesh; Aneja, Sakshi
11-Jul-2012Design and Analysis of Photonic Crystal Fiber with Large Negative Dispersion and Small Dispersion SlopeKumar, Mukesh; Singh, Rahul
18-Aug-2017Design and Performance Analysis of Photonic Crystal Waveguide for Bio – Chemical Sensing ApplicationsKaler, R. S.; Kumar, Mukesh; Painam, Balveer
7-Jan-2021Design and Simulation of a High Index Contrast Grating Based Hollow Optical WaveguideKumar, Mukesh; Kaur, Harpinder
24-Aug-2018Design and Simulation of a Hybrid Optical Antenna on Engineered Silicon-on-InsulatorKumar, Mukesh; Kumar, Varun
11-Apr-2016Design and Simulation of an Efficient Hybrid Plasmonic-Photonic WaveguideKumar, Mukesh; Sharma, Tarun
20-Aug-2014Design-analysis of Silicon based Photonic crystal waveguide for On-chip Slow Light ApplicationsKumar, Mukesh; Sharma, Ankita
27-Jul-2012Detection of Similar Code Fragments Using Adjacency StructuresTekchandani, Raj Kumar; Kumar, Mukesh
24-Jul-2015Electrical Tuning of Optical Delay in Graphene based Photonic Crystal WaveguideKumar, Mukesh; Thind, Jobanpreet Kaur
27-Jul-2012High-Index Contrast Grating based Broadband Out-Coupler on SOIKumar, Mukesh; Chugh, Sunny
31-Jul-2015Low Dispersion On-Chip Hollow Waveguide for High Data Rate ApplicationsKumar, Mukesh; Sobti, Shruti
19-Aug-2015Nanocvity-coupled photonic crystal waveguide as a biosensing platformKumar, Mukesh; Saronika
13-Aug-2014On-Chip Grating Based Multi-wavelength Optical Reflector for Multichannel Optoelectronic DevicesKumar, Mukesh; Kaur, Jaspreet
12-Aug-2014On-Chip Reflector and Absorber based on High Index Contrast Grating on SOI Chip for Optoelectronic DevicesKumar, Mukesh; Jindal, Sheenu
3-Aug-2009Quantum Neural Network Training AlgorithmSingh, V. P.; Kumar, Mukesh
18-Sep-2009A Real-Time Vehicle License Plate Recognition (LPR) SystemSingh, Yaduvir; Kumar, Mukesh
12-Aug-2014Solid Core Holey Photonic Crystal Fiber for High Optical Confinement & Tailored DispersionKumar, Mukesh; Garg, Vikas