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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2018Behaviour of Concrete Containing Slag under Different Curing RegimesKumar, Maneek; Goyal, Shweta; Langer, Dev
9-Sep-2008Bonded Laminates for Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete BeamsKumar, Maneek; Kaushik, S. K.; Bansal, Prem Pal
24-Oct-2017Concrete Mix Design Optimization with Copper Slag and Iron Slag as Replacement Materials Using Taguchi Design of ExperimentsKumar, Maneek; Singh, Arashdeep
24-Aug-2018Development of Concrete Bricks with Optical Fibers and Waste Glass as AggregatesKumar, Maneek; Kaur, Girbir; Karan, Chawla
6-Oct-2016Development of Strain Hardening Cement Based Composite for Concrete Retrofitting PurposesKumar, Maneek; Hashim, Manan
1-Nov-2015Development of Ultra High Performance Concrete Using Mineral Admixtures and Steel FibersKumar, Maneek; Kumar, Piyush
13-Nov-2014Development of Ultra High Performance Concrete Using Silica Fume, Nano Silica and SlagKumar, Maneek; Chopra, Tanuj; Saini, Sahil
24-Aug-2018Durability Characteristics of Ultra High Performance ConcreteKumar, Maneek; Chauhan, Shubham
14-Oct-2015Effect of Addition of Stone Dust as Fine Aggregate on Properties of Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash as Cement ReplacementKumar, Maneek; Goyal, Shweta; Oberoi, Navdeep Singh
8-Mar-2007Effect of Aggressive Environment on Durability of Metakaolin Based Cement MortarKumar, Maneek; Goel, Amita
25-Nov-2011Effect of Different Wrapping Techniques on Retrofitting of RCC Beam Column Joints Using FerrocementKumar, Maneek; Bansal Prem Pal; Dar, Manzoor Ahmad
30-Oct-2014Effect of Fly Ash & Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as Cement Replacement Materials on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC)Kumar, Maneek; Chopra, Tanuj; Singh, Maninder
14-Oct-2014Effect of Foundry Sand and Steel Fibres on the Strength Characteristics of Pavement Quality ConcreteKumar, Maneek; Chopra, Tanuj; Abrol, Ankit Kumar
30-Oct-2014Effect of Marble Dust and Furnace Slag as Sand Replacement Materials on Strength Properties of Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC)Kumar, Maneek; Chopra, Tanuj; Thakur, Yogesh Kumar
13-Oct-2017Effect of Nano Silica and Coir Fiber on Compressive Strength and Abrasion Resistance of ConcreteKumar, Maneek; Gupta, Mayank
23-May-2014Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement by Fly Ash And Lime Sludge on Strength Characteristics Of ConcreteKumar, Maneek; Bansal, Prem Pal; Kumar, Ravindra
31-Aug-2018Effect of Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates by Cupola Furnace Slag on Properties of ConcreteKumar, Maneek; Saini, Jaswinder Singh; Thakur, Namrata
24-Jul-2013Effect Of Partial Replacement Of Sand By Iron Slag On Strength Characteristics Of ConcreteKumar, Maneek; Siddique, Rafat; Khajuria, Chetan
4-Sep-2009Effect of Percentage of Reinforcement on Beams Retrofitted with Ferrocement JacketingKumar, Maneek; Bansal, Prem Pal; Channi, Arshdeep Singh