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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Aug-2015Cabin Temperature Control of a Parked Car through Forced VentilationKumar, Devender; Arya, Gaurav
19-Aug-2015Cost Reduction and value engineering of Whirlpool single door direct cool refrigeratorKumar, Devender; Garg, Lavi
27-Oct-2010Creep Deformation and Stress Analysis in Rotating Disc of Composite MaterialKhanna, Kishore; Kumar, Devender; Singh, Barinder
10-Sep-2018Design of Return Assist Mechanism and Reduction of Dual Clutch Pedal EffortKumar, Devender; Singh, Digendra; Mahipal
23-Sep-2013Design, Fabrication & Experimental Analysis Of Automatic Solar Tracking System For Parabolic Trough Collector For Hot Water GenerationKumar, Devender; Singh, Pardeep
30-Oct-2012Design, fabrication and experimental analysis of parabolic trough collector using different reflecting materials for hot water generationKumar, Devender; Sanjay
16-Sep-2023Dry Abrasion Wear of Windshield Glass and its Effect on Night DrivingKumar, Devender; Gill, Bhagya Raj
25-Aug-2014Experimental and Analytical Modelling and Control of Precision Surgery ManipulatorBera, Tarun Kumar; Kumar, Devender; Verma, Sanjeev; Kumar, Aashish
17-Mar-2015Experimental Study for the Improvement of Vision Through Side Window of a Car During RainKumar, Devender; Verma, Mukesh
29-Aug-2017Fabrication and characterization of carbon brushes using Cu, Ag and CNT composites: Micro structural property correlationKumar, Devender; Harshavardhana, N.; Pandey, Abhay
25-Aug-2015Micro-Controller based Real Time Automatic Solar Tracking System with Homing MechanismKaur, Gagandeep; Kumar, Devender; Khanna, Rohit
25-Aug-2014Modelling and Experimental Analysis of a Thermal System Equivalent to a Car Parked in Direct SunlightBera, Tarun Kumar; Kumar, Devender; Dixit, Sushank
27-Mar-2014Optimization of Spray Parametrs for High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) Sprayed Abradable CoatingKumar, Devender; Gaurav
15-Sep-2022Process Loss Improvement In Refrigerator Assembly LineKumar, Devender; Deogharia, Nitish
17-Oct-2012Studies on Improvement of Intake Manifold for Compressed Natural Gas EngineSharma, Sumeet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Kumar, Devender
18-Sep-2017Studies on Structural and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Dispersed Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt Nano/Micro CompositesSingh, Kulvir; Kumar, Devender
13-Sep-2018Study of High Strain Rate Behaviour Of Aluminum Alloy Under Dynamic Loading Using Split Hopkinsons Pressure Bar(SHPB) and Computational TechniquesKumar, Devender; Bhatnagar, Anmol
19-Aug-2015Study of Passenger Comfort in Vehicle CabinKumar, Devender; Nain, Vaibhav Singh
25-Sep-2012To Find the Optimum Results for Enhancing the Properties of Carbon NanotubesKumar, Devender; Singh, Damanpreet
25-Sep-2012To Propose a Method to Identify Mechanical Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Rebo PotentialKumar, Devender; Bhullar , Satnam Singh