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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-May-2019Aggregation Operators for Various Extensions of Fuzzy Set and Its Applications in Transportation ProblemsKumar, Amit; Mishra, Akansha
25-Aug-2009Algorithms for some Fuzzy Network Problems using Ranking FunctionKumar, Amit; Bhatia, Neha
8-Nov-2012Cellular Expression of Two Key Water Borne Pathogens towards Antimicrobial Quaternized ChitosanGhosh, Moushumi; Kumar, Amit
24-Aug-2009Different Approaches for Analyzing the Fuzzy Reliability of a Marine Power PlantKumar, Amit; Gupta, Sapna
20-Sep-2012Efficient Algorithms for Solving Some Fuzzy Network Flow ProblemsKumar, Amit; Kaur, Manjot
25-Sep-2017Efficient Approaches for Solving Multi-Attribute Decision Making Problems with Imprecise DataKumar, Amit; Thulasiram, Ruppa. K.; Pandey, Asmita
18-Apr-2016Efficient methods for solving fuzzy linear systemsKumar, Amit; Neetu
17-Feb-2021Efficient Methods for solving some decision making problems under fuzzy environment and its extensionsKumar, Amit; Appadoo, S. S.; Singh, Akanksha
18-Apr-2016Efficient methods for solving some mathematical programming problems with fuzzy parametersKumar, Amit; Sidhu, Sukhpreet Kaur
14-Oct-2022Efficient Methods for Solving Some Optimization Problems Under Fuzzy Environment and their ExtensionsKumar, Amit; Sharma, Mahesh Kumar; Appadoo, S. S.; Bhatia, Tanveen Kaur
16-May-2018Efficient Methods to Find Maximal and Minimal Fuzzy Solution of System of Fuzzy Linear Equations and Its VariantsKumar, Amit; Kaur, Jeevan Jot
23-Oct-2015Enhanced Ischemia Classifier for ECG SignalsSingh, Mandeep; Kumar, Amit
5-Sep-2012Exact Detection of Optic Disc in Retinal Images Using Segmentation Based On Level Set Method and Morphological OperationsKumar, Amit; Kholi, Prabhjot Kaur
7-Oct-2016An Experimental Investigation and CFD Analysis into Pressure Drop for Pneumatic Conveying of Fine Powders through Closely-Coupled BendsMallick, S. S.; Sharma, Atul; Kumar, Amit
19-Sep-2013An Experimental Investigation And Modelling Into Thermal Conductivity Of NanofluidsMallick, S. S.; Kumar, Amit
24-Aug-2009Fault-Tree Analysis of Different SystemsGupta, Rajesh Kumar; Kumar, Amit; Kumar, Ankush
24-Aug-2009Fuzzy Linear Programming and its ApplicationsKumar, Amit; Puri, Jolly
25-Aug-2010Fuzzy Programming Technique for Solving Different Types of Multi Objective Transportation ProblemKumar, Amit; Rani, Deepika
5-Sep-2011Fuzzy Variable Linear Programming ProblemsKumar, Amit; Garg, Priyanka
28-Feb-2021Improved Forensic and Anti-Forensic Techniques for JPEG Compressed ImagesSingh, Kulbir; kansal, Ankush; Kumar, Amit; Kansal, Ankush