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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2016Applicability of Heat Mirrors in Reducing Thermal Losses in Concentrating Solar CollectorsMittal, Madhup K.; Khullar, Vikrant; Mahendra, Prashant
16-Aug-2022Design, Analysis and On-sun Testing of Efficient Nanofluid Based Volumetric Absorption Solar Thermal SystemsKhullar, Vikrant; Singh, Nirmal
22-Aug-2019Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dosing Analysis in Bharat Stage VI Commercial Vehicle EngineKhullar, Vikrant; Kapur, Shubham
23-Aug-2019Direct Photo-Thermal Energy Storage Using Nanoparticles Laden Phase Change MaterialsKhullar, Vikrant; Moudgil, Deepak
9-Oct-2023Enhancing the Solar Still Performance Using Nanofluid-Based Volumetric Absorption Solar Collector and Solar Pond: An Experimental InvestigationMittal, Madhup Kumar; Khullar, Vikrant; Singh, Jagteshwar
6-Oct-2023Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Behavior of Nanoparticle Dispersions in Volumetrically Heated Solar Thermal SystemsKhullar, Vikrant; Kumar, Manish; Singh, Apoorva
21-Aug-2017Numerical Investigation on Nanofluid based High Temperature Direct Absorption Solar CollectorKhullar, Vikrant; Shukla, Ashish Kumar
26-Jul-2023Numerical Method Development for Cooling of End Windings of an Electric MotorKhullar, Vikrant; Shukla, Rajesh; Anubhav
10-Sep-2018Predicting the Effect of Carbon Soot Particles on the Melting Rate of Ice: Theoretical and Experimental InvestigationsKhullar, Vikrant; Singla, Rohit Kumar; Amandeep
16-Aug-2018Using Solar Energy for Water Purification through Nanoparticles Assisted Evaporation: Theoretical and Experimental InvestigationsKhullar, Vikrant; Ohri, Virender