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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-2014Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Reception Schemes for Correlated MIMO SystemKhanna, Rajesh; Patterh, Manjeet Singh; Singh, Simranjit
25-Jul-2011Analysis of Data Transmission Techniques in Rayleigh,Rician and Nakagami Fading Model Under Various Modulation SchemesKhanna, Rajesh; Gill, Yogender Singh
18-Aug-2015Annular Squared Tapered EBG Microstrip Bandstop Filter with Improved PerformanceKhanna, Rajesh; Gupta, Isha
19-Apr-2007Antenna Miniaturization Using FractalsKhanna, Rajesh; Kalra, Dheeraj
6-Sep-2013Back Radiation Suppression In Microstrip Antennas Using Different TechniquesKaur, Amanpreet; Khanna, Rajesh; Sharma, Richa
1-May-2007BER Performance of Optimum Combining with BPSK Modulation in Multipath Fading EnvironmentsKhanna, Rajesh; Ubhi, Jagpal Singh; Bansal, Rabina
1-Mar-2007Characterization and Development of Algorithms for Array Processing Architectures of Adaptive Antennas in Wireless CommunicationSaxena, Rajiv; Khanna, Rajesh
5-Sep-2016Compact UWB Antenna Design For Personal Area Network Wireless ApplicationsKhanna, Rajesh; Kaur, Sukhdeep
26-Sep-2008Convex Optimization and Its Application to Antenna ArrayKaur, Amanpreet; Khanna, Rajesh; Khanna, Yogita
27-Jul-2011Coplanar Strip Line based Technique for the measurement of Defects in GFRP Wrapped Concrete StructuresMukherjee, Abhijit; Khanna, Rajesh; Goyal, Shweta; Sharma, Devinder
3-Apr-2024Cost-Effective Microstrip Antenna-Based Sensor for Food Quality Evaluation with Improved SensitivityKaur, Jaswinder; Khanna, Rajesh; Nitika
10-Mar-2014Cross Talk Analysis in Carbon Nanotube Based VLSI InterconnectsSarkar, S.; Khanna, Rajesh; Rai, Mayank Kumar
18-Aug-2015Design Analysis and Fabrication of Microstrip Patch Antennas for Various Applications Using Electromagnetic Bandgap and Defected Ground StructuresKaur, Jaswinder; Khanna, Rajesh; Mittal, Nitika
1-Mar-2007Design and Analysis of Different Orders of Active-RC Butterworth FilterAgarwal, Alpana; Khanna, Rajesh; Saini, Nimisha
4-Aug-2021Design and Analysis of Multiband Planar Antenna for Future 5G Wireless DevicesKhanna, Rajesh; Kumar, Naveen
3-Aug-2016Design and Analysis of RFID Microwave AntennasKhanna, Rajesh; Dalia, Richa
26-Aug-2014Design and Analysis of Variable Digital Filters using Fractional Fourier TransformKhanna, Rajesh; Bhatia, S. S.; Pooja
9-Oct-2015Design and analysis of velocimetry for supersonic sled systemSood, Sanjay P.; Khanna, Rajesh; Kumar Khosla, Praveen
9-Aug-2019Design and Fabrication of Metamaterial Loaded Microstrip Patch Antenna for Radar Cross Section ReductionKhanna, Rajesh; Kaur, Manbir
16-Aug-2017Design and Fabrication of Reflective Meta Surface Based MSPA with Enhanced GainKhanna, Rajesh; Ary, Aditi