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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2017Analysis of Creep in a Variable Thickness Rotating Disc Made of Functionally Graded CompositeGupta, Vinay Kumar; Nigam, S. P.; Khanna, Kishore
27-Oct-2010Analysis of Creep in Functionally Graded CylinderKhanna, Kishore; Harmandeep
4-Sep-2018Analytical and Finite Element Evaluation for the Buckling Characteristics of Laminated Composite ShellsGrover, Neeraj; Khanna, Kishore; Neeraj, Honey
4-Sep-2018Buckling Behavior of Functionally Graded Doubly Curved Spherical and Cylindrical ShellsGrover, Neeraj; Khanna, Kishore; Rajpoot, Ritu Raj
27-Oct-2010Creep Deformation and Stress Analysis in Rotating Disc of Composite MaterialKhanna, Kishore; Kumar, Devender; Singh, Barinder
15-Sep-2011Design and Development of Electrode Coating for Hardfacing ApplicationKhanna, Kishore; Singla, Yogesh Kumar; Singh, Karanpreet
6-Sep-2012Development of Submerged ARC Welding Fluxes for Welding of API 5L X65 SteelsKhanna, Kishore; Singh, Gurpreet
5-Sep-2016Effect of Disc Thickness Gradient and Thermal Gradient on the Creep Response in FGM Rotating DiscKhanna, Kishore; Sharma, Sushil
18-Sep-2013Effect of stress exponent on steady state creep in a functionally graded rotating discKhanna, Kishore; Singh, Shankar
27-Oct-2010Effect of Thermal Ageing on A1 Alloy Metal Matrix CompositeKhanna, Kishore; Singh, Narinder
27-Oct-2010Effect of Thermal Ageing on Al-SiC Metal Matrix CompositeKhanna, Kishore; Kumar, Shailove
3-Sep-2015Effect of thermal gradient and reinforcement gradient on the steady state creep in the functionally graded cylinderKhanna, Kishore; Singh, Gurdeep
18-Sep-2013Effect of thickness gradient on creep behaviour in a rotating composite discKhanna, Kishore; Singh, Jaskaran
21-Jul-2023Multiphysics Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and ElectrolyzersSrivastava, Vineet; Khanna, Kishore; Verma, Rahul Kumar; Aashish
6-Sep-2012Parametric Approach Towards Automated Design of Gating System for Die Casting ProcessKhanna, Kishore; Johal, Amrinder Singh
1-Sep-2008Pressure and Stress Distribution Analysis of Centrifugal PumpKumar, Satish; Khanna, Kishore; Rajdev, Karan
18-Sep-2013Stress analysis in a functionally graded rotating disc of non-uniform thickness under thermal loadingKhanna, Kishore; Singh, Rupinder
21-Oct-2014Thermal-Structural Analysis of a Functionally Graded Rotating Disc with Variable ThicknessKhanna, Kishore; Kumar, Pardeep
21-Oct-2014To Study the Effect of Graphite and Zirconium Oxide on AL-6061 Metal Matrix Composite (MMCs) Processed by Stir Casting TechniqueKhanna, Kishore; Moonglia, Manish
21-Oct-2014To Study the Mechanical Behavior of AL-6061/Fly-Ash/ZrO2 Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) Processed by Stir Casting MethodKhanna, Kishore; Sharma, Satish Kumar