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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2022Anxiety, Desperation, Coping Strategies and Self- Efficacy as Predictors of Superstitious BehaviorKaur, Surinder; Ankita
24-Jun-2022Attachment Styles, Gratitude, Forgiveness & Dyadic Adjustment as predictors of Marital SatisfactionKaur, Surinder; Sidhu, Harleen
7-Jun-2022Dark and Light Triad in Relation with Social AnxietyKaur, Surinder; Mehta, Yuv
8-Jun-2018An Experimental Study on` Prevailing Emotions and Recognition of Facial Expressions in the Virtual StimuliKaur, Surinder; Khullar, Palak
8-Jun-2018Extending the Concept of Stereotype Threat to Place of Living: The Performance of Students Living in Village on an English TestKaur, Surinder; Nandrajog, Gokul Molia
7-Jun-2018Gender Differences in Ideal Perception and Perceived Preferences of Body ImageKaur, Surinder; Rai, Sandeep
21-Jun-2022Motivational Factors, Self-Compassion and Rumination in relation to Forgiving BehaviourKaur, Surinder; Kaur, Sandeep
7-Jul-2022Parental Bond as the Predictors of Hostility, Hopelessness, Empathy and Self Efficacy in ChildrenKaur, Surinder; Harseerat
30-Jul-2019Perceived Parental Encouragement and Self-Concept in Relation to Adjustment in AdolescentsKaur, Surinder; Kaur, Navneet
23-Jul-2019Perceived Parental Style of Rearing and Self-Concept in Relation to Self - Esteem of AdolescentsKaur, Surinder; Dhir, Roohi
30-Aug-2022Positive Cognitive Triad- a link between Self Efficacy and Resilience, Prosocial behavior and HostilityKaur, Surinder; Nidhi
20-Jun-2022Psychosocial Repercussions of Substance Abuse in Young Adult Males: A Comparative Analysis between Substance abuser and non-userKaur, Surinder; Sharma, Himkreeti
8-Jun-2018Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Locus of Control and Academic Performance Among University StudentsKaur, Surinder; Sidhu, Joy
30-Aug-2022Sensation Seeking and Perceived Stress as Predictors of ProcrastinationKaur, Surinder; Jewel
19-Jun-2019The use of defensive styles in relation to emotional intelligence, mindfulness, resilience and emotional maturity in adolescentsKaur, Surinder; Bawa, Shruti