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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2020Anomaly based Botnet Detection using DNS Traffic AnalysisSingh, Maninder; Kaur, Sanmeet; Singh, Manmeet
21-May-2024Blockchain-based secure framework for efficient management of IoT generated healthcare dataKaur, Sanmeet; Singh, Maninder; Sharma, Aashima
20-Aug-2018DDR Scheme and LSTM RNN Algorithm for Building an Efficient IDSKaur, Sanmeet; Bansal, Ashu
24-Jul-2015Design and Development of Antispammer for SMS Spam DetectionKaur, Sanmeet; Garhwal, Sunita; Agarwal, Sakshi
20-Jul-2012Design and Development of Graphical User Interface for building Snort RulesKaur, Sanmeet; Singla, Isha
18-Jul-2008Design and Development of Policy Scripts to Detect Network Intrusions Using BroSingh, Maninder; Kaur, Sanmeet
22-Aug-2012Design and Development of Virtual Honeypot Framework based on LinuxKaur, Sanmeet; Girdhar, Ashish
14-Aug-2018DESIRE: Deep learning Enabled System Integration for Retinopathy EvaluationKaur, Sanmeet; Bhatia, Parteek; Kalra, Karan
26-Jul-2019Forecasting Soil moisture based on evaluation of Time Series AnalysisKumar, Parteek; Kaur, Sanmeet; Singh, Sukhwinder
22-Aug-2012A Graphical User Interface Framework for Detecting Intrusions using Bro IDSKaur, Sanmeet; Gupta, Shaffali
30-Jul-2015A Hybrid Approach for Intrusion Detection using Misuse Detection and Genetic AlgorithmKaur, Sanmeet; Rajpal, Rohini
22-Aug-2013A Hybrid approach using Signature and Anomaly Detection to detect network IntrusionsKaur, Sanmeet; Kaur, Tejvir
1-Sep-2015Improving Detection Rates Using Misuse Detection and Machine LearningKaur, Sanmeet; Kaur, Ramandeep
1-Sep-2015Innovative Approach to Key Generation With Dual RSA algorithmKaur, Sanmeet; Upadhyay, Amit Kumar
25-Apr-2023IoT based Irrigation and Fertilization framework for Smart AgricultureKaur, Sanmeet; Khanna, Abhishek
8-Jun-2015Network Security Model for Attack Signature Generation, Tracking and AnalysisSingh, Maninder; Kaur, Sanmeet
22-Aug-2013A Proactive Framework for Capturing FTP Brute Force and Application Level Flood AttacksKaur, Sanmeet; Bhandari, Aastha
17-Aug-2017Security Analysis of AODV Protocol in Wireless Sensor NetworksKaur, Sanmeet; Girnar, Niharika
17-Aug-2017Security Analysis of DSR and DSDV Protocol in Wireless Sensor NetworksKaur, Sanmeet; Taneja, Kriti