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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2013Approach to geographic based namespace load distribution using symphonyBatra, Shalini; Kaur, Ravneet
17-Sep-2009Characterization of Horse-Spleen Ferritin as a Magnetic core-shell NanoparticleBrar, Loveleen; Tiwari, S. D.; Kaur, Ravneet
3-Sep-2019Design of Robust H∞ Technique Using Linear Matrix Inequalities for Load Frequency ControlJain, Sanjay K.; Kaur, Ravneet
31-Oct-2023Distributed Data Deduplication Techniques for Efficient Cloud Storage SystemBhattacharya, Jhilik; Chana, Inderveer; Kaur, Ravneet
6-Aug-2019An Efficient Pending Interest Table content search in NDN through Stable Bloom FilterBatra, Shalini; Singh, Amritpal; Kaur, Ravneet
21-Sep-2017Investigations on Inter-Satellite Optical Wireless CommunicationSingh, Hardeep; Kaur, Ravneet
14-Sep-2022MADS-box Transcription Factors in Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.): Molecular Cloning, Sequence Analysis, Comparison, Prediction of the Crucial Motifs and three Dimensional (3-D) StructuresDas, Niranjan; Kaur, Ravneet
18-Oct-2019Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment by Electrooxidation MethodKushwaha, J. P.; Singh, Neetu; Kaur, Ravneet
3-Oct-2016Pyrene Based Schiff Bases as Colorimetric and Ratiometric SensorsLuxami, Vijay; Kaur, Ravneet
13-Aug-2021Removal of Pesticides using Bacteria and Hydrogel-Silver NanocompositeGoyal, Dinesh; Kaur, Ravneet
11-Aug-2016Study and Analysis of Jamming of Synthetic Aperture RadarJoshi, Hem Dutt; Kaur, Ravneet
19-Jul-2018Trade Facilitation: A Study of Selected Regional Trade AgreementsKiran, Ravi; Kaur, Ravneet