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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Sep-2019Applications of Modified In-Situ Dual Effect of Photocatalysis and PhotoFenton for the Degradation of CiprofloxacinVerma, Anoop; Soumen, Basu; Kaur, Navneet
21-Oct-2015Customer Retention and Customer Satisfaction In Relation to E-BankingKiran, Ravi; Kaur, Navneet
13-Dec-2017Design and Development of Fractal Aperture Coupled Microstsrip Patch Antenna for Wireless ApplicationsKaur, Amanpreet; Kaur, Navneet
23-Aug-2010Design, Synthesis and Recognition Studies of Tripodal ReceptorMittal, Susheel; Kaur, Navneet; Dilbar, Jasneet Kaur
10-Aug-2009Development of CompactRIO Based PID Temperature ControllerSingh, Mandeep; Kaur, Navneet
23-Apr-2021Effect of Magnetic Anisotropy and Particle Size Distribution on Magnetization of Antiferromagnetic NanoparticlesTiwari, S. D.; Kaur, Navneet
26-Jul-2013Identification and Selection of Components using Component Coupling and Interface MetricsSingh, Ashima; Kaur, Navneet
5-Aug-2016Improved File System Security through Restrictive AccessSingh, Maninder; Kaur, Navneet
9-Sep-2022Microgrid Operation under Various Types of Faults for the Assessment of Power Quality ParametersKaushal, Jitender; Bhullar, Suman; Kaur, Navneet
13-Oct-2023MIMO Antenna Design for 5G ApplicationsSharma, Surbhi; Kaur, Jaswinder; Kaur, Navneet
9-Nov-2022Passive Forensics Based Digital Image Forgery Detection TechniquesSingh, Kulbir; Jindal, Neeru; Kaur, Navneet
30-Jul-2019Perceived Parental Encouragement and Self-Concept in Relation to Adjustment in AdolescentsKaur, Surinder; Kaur, Navneet
1-May-2007Retrieving Best Component from Reusable RepositoryBhatia, Rajesh K.; Kaur, Navneet
11-Jul-2022Sentiment Analysis On Movies Using Logistic Regression and SVM ClassificationSingh, V. P.; Kaur, Navneet
27-Sep-2022Studies of Genetic Diversity in the Seed Raised Population of Withania Somnifera (L.) Dunal using RAPD MarkersKumar, Anil; Kaur, Navneet
9-Aug-2017Synthesis and characterization of SO42- loaded mixed oxides heterogeneous catalyst: Application in biolubricantAli, Amjad; Basu, Soumen; Kaur, Navneet