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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2016Analysis of Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow with Thyristor Controlled Series CompensatorJain, Sanjay K.; Kaur, Manpreet
23-Jul-2018Back End Memory Compiler ValidationMiglani, Sumit; Kaur, Manpreet
30-Jul-2019Body Image Satisfaction, Social Media Usage, Self Esteem as Determinants of Selfie Obsession and Psychological Well BeingKumari, Santha; Kaur, Manpreet
14-Sep-2010Charm Meson SpectroscopyUpadhyay, Alka; Kaur, Manpreet
6-Sep-2019Circuit Realization of Fractional Order Proportional Integral Controller for DC MotorSondhi, Swati; Kaur, Manpreet
2-Sep-2013Common fixed point theorems for mappings satisfying E.A propertyBhatia, S. S.; Kaur, Manpreet
27-Jul-2017Construction of Iterative Families Based on Power MeansKumar, Sanjeev; Kaur, Manpreet
29-Jan-2014Decay of Hot and Rotating Nuclei Formed in Heavy Ion Reactions at Low EnergiesSharma, Manoj; Kaur, Manpreet
28-Aug-2018Design of a Stripline based Isolator and Circulator at Ultra High Frequency bandYadav, R. P.; Kaler, R. S.; Kaur, Manpreet
16-Aug-2012Design, Fabrication and Perfomance Analysis of Single and Dual Band MSA for WLAN and WiMAX ApplicationsKaur, Amanpreet; Kaur, Manpreet
19-Sep-2022Effect of Noise on Optical Frequency CombJana, Soumendu; Kaur, Manpreet
6-Aug-2019An Investigation on Multiband Ultra-Thin Polarization Insensitive Metamaterial Based Microwave Absorber and Their ApplicationSingh, Hari Shankar; Kaur, Manpreet
28-Feb-2018Investigations on Structural, Optical and Multiferroic Properties of Modified BiFeO3 CeramicsUniyal, Poonam; Kaur, Manpreet
4-Oct-2022Iterative schemes for linear and non-linear problems with their applicationsKumar, Sanjeev; Kansal. Munish; Kaur, Manpreet
24-Aug-2017Kinetics of CO 2 Sequestration by Anabaena Variabilis in a Stirred tank Batch Type PhotobioreactorDas, N.; Bhunia, Haripada; Kaur, Manpreet
5-Aug-2019King type modification of some positive linear operatorsRani, Meenu; Kaur, Manpreet
30-Jun-2009New Policy Regime and Adjustment Process of Manufacturing Sector in PunjabKiran, Ravi; Singh Inderjeet; Kaur, Manpreet
1-Sep-2014Photocatalytic oxidation of different aliphatic carboxylic acids by TiO₂ catalystPrakash, Ranjana; Pal, Bonamali; Kaur, Manpreet
17-Nov-2014Potential Use of Foundry Sand as Heterogeneous Catalyst in Solar Photo-Fenton Degradation of Herbicide IsoproturonVerma, Anoop; Kaur, Manpreet
29-Aug-2017Role of DNMT3B Genetic Polymorphism (rs1569686) in Predicting Overall Survival and Clinic-Pathological Outcomes in Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Platinum Based Doublet ChemotherapySharma, Siddharth; Kaur, Manpreet