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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2017An Approach for Examining Student Satisfaction in an Indian UniversityRandhawa, Sukhchandan; Kaur, Maninder; Himika
27-Jul-2015Community Detection in Complex Networks Using a Novel Nature Inspired Algorithmic Approach Based on Ant Lion OptimizerKaur, Maninder; Mahajan, Abhay
9-Jun-2021Detection Framework for Content Based Cybercrime in Online Social NetworksKaur, Maninder; Singh, Amanpreet
10-Aug-2018Efficient Evolutionary Based Clustering Approaches for Health Care DataKaur, Maninder; Dhalaria, Meghna
23-Aug-2018Energy Analytics Assisted Model for Behaviour Monitoring and Abnormality DetectionKaur, Maninder; Grewal, Anupam Kaur
19-Sep-2013Evolutionary approach for solving standard cell placement In VLSI physical design automationKaur, Maninder; Kaur, Jobanpreet
7-Aug-2017Intelligent Most Popular Location Prediction in Cloud Environment through Facebook Check-ins using Multi-Model Ensembling ApproachKaur, Maninder; Kashyap, Shobhana
27-Jul-2015Layer-Aware 3D Partitioning in VLSI Circuit using Cuckoo Search Meta-heuristicKaur, Maninder; Parashar, Ashwin
3-Aug-2012Modified Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Traveling Salesman ProblemKaur, Maninder; Goyal, Manu
1-Mar-2007Monitoring and Measurment Programme for ISO 14001 Based Environmental Management SystemsRao, A. L. J.; Reddy, A. S.; Kaur, Maninder
2-Sep-2019A Novel Framework for Smart Home Human Activity Identification using Binary Cuckoo Search MetaheuristicKaur, Maninder; Kaur, Gurpreet
22-Jul-2009Nuclear Stopping in Heavy Ion CollisionsKumar, Suneel; Kaur, Maninder
29-Sep-2008Optimal Short Term Thermal Unit Commitment Using Fuzzy LogicNijhawan, Parag; Kaur, Maninder
7-Aug-2017Prediction of Pediatric Irritable Bowel Syndrome using Machine Learning Ensemble ApproachKaur, Maninder; Jat, Ashish