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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2020Dependence of Resolution And Efficiency Of NAI(Tl) On Various ParametersDevi, Sunil; Kaur, Jaspreet
12-Oct-2016Detection of Lung Cancer with the Fusion of Computed and Positron Emmision TomographySingla, Sunil Kumar; Kaur, Jaspreet
17-Oct-2017Investigation and Suppression of Four Wave Mixing in WDM SystemsSingh, Hardeep; Kaur, Jaspreet
4-Oct-2018Investigation into pH – Dependent Conformational Isomerisation of Human Serum Albumin using Spectroscopic TechniquesBhattacharya, Mily; Kaur, Jaspreet
13-Aug-2014On-Chip Grating Based Multi-wavelength Optical Reflector for Multichannel Optoelectronic DevicesKumar, Mukesh; Kaur, Jaspreet
24-Aug-2018Optimization of the synthesis parameters to obtain Mo2TiAlC2 MAX phasePandey, O. P.; Kaur, Jaspreet
30-Oct-2015Photocatalytic Reduction of Nitroaromatics Initiated by Bare/Metal-TiO2 NanostructuresPal, Bonamali; Kaur, Jaspreet
30-Jul-2019Role of Forgiveness, Daily Spiritual Experience, Religious Commitment, God Concept and Gratitude in Mental Health among Sikh Religious FollowersNaveen; Kaur, Jaspreet
17-Sep-2010Sierpinski Gasket: Multiband Fractal Antenna for 4G SystemsKansal, Ankush; Kaur, Jaspreet
31-Jul-2018Some New Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy Measures and Its Applications to Decision-Making ProcessGarg, Harish; Kaur, Jaspreet
12-Aug-2009Temperature Dependence of Nuclear Potentials and its RelevanceSharma, Manoj Kumar; Kaur, Jaspreet
13-Sep-2011Triacetin Synthesis Using Homogeneous and Heterogeneous CatalystsAli, Amjad; Kaur, Jaspreet