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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Aug-2012Analysis and Improvement in Image Segmentation for CT ImagesSingh, M. D.; Kaur, Amanpreet
14-Aug-2014Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Using Detrended Fluctuation Algorithm and Its Comparison with Pan Tompkin AlgorithmKaur, Amanpreet; Kaur, Atinderpal
26-Aug-2016Analysis of MIMO system with MMSE-SIC Receiver for EqualizationKaur, Amanpreet; Arya, Karan Kumar
6-Sep-2013Back Radiation Suppression In Microstrip Antennas Using Different TechniquesKaur, Amanpreet; Khanna, Rajesh; Sharma, Richa
14-Aug-2015Biosensor for Organophosphorus Pesticides Detection by the Fabrication of ZnO NanoparticlesMittal, Susheel; Kaur, Amanpreet
29-Jul-2019Biotechnological approaches for development of blight resistance in selected Indian potato cultivar(s)Kumar, Anil; Reddy, M. Sudhakara; Kaur, Amanpreet
26-Sep-2008Convex Optimization and Its Application to Antenna ArrayKaur, Amanpreet; Khanna, Rajesh; Khanna, Yogita
22-Aug-2014Design Analysis And Fabrication Of Microstrip Patch Antennas For Wlan Applications Using Aperture Coupling FeedKaur, Amanpreet; Gunjan
13-Dec-2017Design and Development of Fractal Aperture Coupled Microstsrip Patch Antenna for Wireless ApplicationsKaur, Amanpreet; Kaur, Navneet
26-Aug-2016Design and Development of Fractal Microstrip Antenna Arrays for Mimo ApplicationsKaur, Amanpreet; Gupta, Sheifali
18-Jun-2019Design and Development of Microstsrip Patch Antenna for Detection of Breast CancerKaur, Amanpreet; Kaur, Arashpreet
26-Aug-2016Design and Development of Stacked Microstrip Antenna Array for Mimo ApplicationsKaur, Amanpreet; Aggarwal, Ayushi
16-Aug-2012Design and Fabrication of Dual and Triple Band Microstrip Patch Antennas Using Proximity Coupling for Wireless ApplicationsKaur, Amanpreet; Gupta, Aditi
18-Jun-2019Design and Fabrication Of Stacked Aperture Coupled And CPW Fed Microstrip Patch Antennas For Wireless CommunicationKaur, Amanpreet; Kaur, Gagandeep
2-Sep-2013Design Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Multiband Aperture Coupled Microstrip AntennaKaur, Amanpreet; Khanna, Rajesh; Garima
16-Aug-2012Design, Fabrication and Perfomance Analysis of Single and Dual Band MSA for WLAN and WiMAX ApplicationsKaur, Amanpreet; Kaur, Manpreet
22-Aug-2014Design, Fabrication And Performance Evaluation Of Dual And Triple Band Microstrip Patch Antennas With Microstrip Feeding For Wireless ApplicationsKaur, Amanpreet; Bhardwaj, Mukul
20-Aug-2012Design,Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Micro-Strip Patch Antennas for Wireless Applications using Aperture Coupled FeedKaur, Amanpreet; Raina, Tanveer Kour
24-Jul-2017Effect of Attachment Styles on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership StylesKumari, Santha; Kaur, Amanpreet
29-Aug-2017Effect of pH on the Langmuir Monolayers of Nickel Stearate and the Synthesised Nickel Oxide Thin FilmsBrar, Loveleen Kaur; Kaur, Amanpreet