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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2009Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System In Distillation ColumnKaur, Gagandeep; Singh, Hardeep; Kaur, Amandeep
6-Sep-2016All Optical Sensors Using Spectral SwitchingJana, Somendu; Kaur, Amandeep
19-Jul-2018An Analysis of Healthcare System in IndiaKiran, Ravi; Kaur, Amandeep
22-Oct-2019Deacy of heavy and superheavy nuclei formed in a variety of nuclear reactionsSharma, Manoj K.; Kaur, Amandeep
22-Aug-2019Design for Testability – Pattern Generation and Simulation of Complex CircuitsVyas, Sumit; Sharma, Manish; Kaur, Amandeep
17-Aug-2012Design of a Low Power, 8-Bit, 5MS/s Digital to Analog Converter for Successive Approximation ADCAgarwal, Alpana; Kaur, Amandeep
3-Oct-2013Design of neuro fuzzy network for temperature control of furnanceKaur, Gagandeep; Kaur, Amandeep
13-Jan-2021Designing and Developing a Machine Learning based Code Smell Detection TechniqueJain, Sushma; Goel, Shivani; Kaur, Amandeep
13-Jul-2011Designing RIMCOTS Model for Risk Identification and Mitigation for COTS- based Software DevelopmentGoel, Shivani; Kaur, Amandeep
22-Aug-2017Detection of Melamine in Milk Using Gold NanoparticlesChudasama, B. N.; Kaur, Amandeep
9-Jan-2020Dynamics of Different Fission Mechanisms Using Fragmentation ApproachSharma, Manoj K.; Kaur, Amandeep
23-Aug-2011Efficient Hardware Implementation for the Advanced Encryption Standard and RC6 AlgorithmBansal, Manu; Kaur, Amandeep
7-Sep-2017Electrocardiogram Signal Processing and ClassificationKumar, Sanjay; Kaur, Amandeep
11-Aug-2017Enhanced Grade Diffusion for Node Recovery in Wireless Sensor NetworksJain, Sushma; Randhawa, Sukhchandan; Kaur, Amandeep
1-Oct-2010Garbage Collection in Real Time SystemsSharma, Sanjay; Kaur, Amandeep
20-Aug-2013Influence of Isospin Momentum Dependent Interactions on Transverse FlowKumar, Suneel; Kaur, Amandeep
30-Jul-2018Influence of Symmetry Energy on Mass Symmetric and Asymmetric Heavy Ion ReactionsKumar, Suneel; Pandey, O.P.; Kaur, Amandeep
14-Aug-2014Islanding Detection and ProtectionSinha, Amrita; Kaur, Amandeep
1-Mar-2007Linear feedback shift registers in wireless communication systemsSharma, Sanjay; Kaur, Amandeep
12-Aug-2014Modelling and Simulation of Central Controller to Control Power Sharing In MicrogridBasak, Prasenjit; Kaur, Amandeep