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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2012Anomalous Spectral Behaviour and Tunable Spectral Switching with Cosh Super Gaussian PulseJana, Soumendu; Kalra, Mukesh
17-Aug-2020Calibration of LED Lighting System for Crop Specific UtilizationJana, Soumendu; Jain, Vandana
17-Aug-2020Cavity Soliton Based Optical Frequency CombJana, Soumendu; Kaur, Gurpreet
8-Aug-2017Cavity Soliton in VCSEL Using Graphene as Saturable AbsorberJana, Soumendu; Kaur, Yashjee Butter
19-Sep-2022Effect of Noise on Optical Frequency CombJana, Soumendu; Kaur, Manpreet
3-Aug-2018Fabrication of Artificial Lighting System for Orchid CultureJana, Soumendu; Singh, Parminder
2-Aug-2017Formation of Cavity Soliton Using Standing Wave MethodJana, Soumendu; Monga, Vichitra
2-Sep-2019Generation and Dynamics of Cavity Soliton in VCSEL Using Interband and Intraband Graphene Saturable AbsorberJana, Soumendu; Gupta, Komal
3-Aug-2015Generation and Dynamics of Dissipative Optical Cavity SolitonJana, Soumendu; Kour, Navneet
25-Sep-2018Generation and Dynamics of Optical Dissipative SolitonJana, Soumendu; Parmar, Gurkirpal Singh
1-Aug-2018LED Lighting in HorticultureJana, Soumendu; Kaur, Jagmeet
6-Aug-2018LED lighting in Tissue CultureJana, Soumendu; Mehta, Simran
1-Sep-2014Modelling and Solving Cancer EquationJana, Soumendu; Kalyan, Deepakshi
27-Sep-2013The Nonlinear Dynamics of Cosh-Super Gaussian Pulse in Cubic Quintic Nonlinear MediumJana, Soumendu; Veenu
27-Sep-2013Nonlinear Propagation of Elliptical Super Gaussian BeamJana, Soumendu; Singh, Ajitpal
2-Nov-2017Optical Cavity Soliton and its DynamicsJana, Soumendu; Kaur, Baldeep
24-Aug-2023The Quest for the Most Suitable Density Profile of the Bubble NucleiJana, Soumendu; Yadav, Purujeet
6-Sep-2019Role of Delayed Feedback and Graphene Saturable Absorber in Cavity SolitonJana, Soumendu; Kaur, Ramanpreet
8-Aug-2017Soliton Force Microscopy Using Cavity SolitonJana, Soumendu; Kaur, Harleen
27-Sep-2013Spatio-Temporal Soliton Dynamics In Inhomogeneous Nonlinear MediaJana, Soumendu; Priya, Kanu