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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2016Auction based Resource Allocation Strategy for Infrastructure as a ServiceJain, Sushma; Kumari, Anita
4-Sep-2014Buffer Overflow: Proof Of Concept ImplementationJain, Sushma; Rani, Pooja
30-Dec-2021Decision Support System for On-Farm Crop Water Irrigation Scheduling using Machine Learning approachesJain, Sushma; Saggi, Mandeep Kaur
29-Jun-2023Deep Learning Approach for Water Management in AgricultureSingh, Ashima; Jain, Sushma; Sharma, Gitika
13-Jan-2021Designing and Developing a Machine Learning based Code Smell Detection TechniqueJain, Sushma; Goel, Shivani; Kaur, Amandeep
2-Sep-2019Detection of Brain Tumor using Machine Learning ApproachJain, Sushma; Chadha, Megha
16-Jul-2020Efficient Location Aware Protocol for Multi-UAV NetworksJain, Sushma; Vashist, Sahil
8-Aug-2019Efficient Pre-Harvest Ripeness Estimation Techniques for FruitsJain, Sushma; Malhi, Avleen; Kaur, Shubhdeep
26-Aug-2016An Efficient Resource Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing EnviornmentJain, Sushma; Randhawa, Sukhchandan; Malik, Chandan
8-Aug-2014Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor NetworkJain, Sushma; Bandral, Mandeep
11-Aug-2017Enhanced Grade Diffusion for Node Recovery in Wireless Sensor NetworksJain, Sushma; Randhawa, Sukhchandan; Kaur, Amandeep
22-Aug-2017Ensemble Approach for Keyword ExtractionJain, Sushma; Kaur, Bhavneet
24-Jul-2015Fuzzy Logic for Medical DiagnosisJain, Sushma; Lalka, Neeru
14-Aug-2018Hybrid fuzzy-PSO based approach to detect intrusion in networksJain, Sushma; Rani, Sonam
4-Aug-2014Hybrid Genetic Fuzzy Inference Engine to Detect Intrusion in NetworksJain, Sushma; Chadha, Kriti
6-Oct-2016Improved Spatially Adaptive Thresholding Technique for Noise ReductionJain, Sushma; Gupta, Akash
10-Aug-2017Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Basketball OutcomesJain, Sushma; Kaur, Harmandeep
5-Nov-2012Multicast routing algorithms for computer networkSharma, J. D.; Jain, Sushma
8-Sep-2014Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols of MANET in Real World ScenariosJain, Sushma; Singla, Supriya
28-Aug-2018Performance Evaluation of Multi-hop Routing in Software Defined NetworkJain, Sushma; Paluck