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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Nov-2014Bioconversion of Agricultural Waste Biomass for Ethanol ProductionGoyal, Dinesh; Akhtar, Nadeem
22-Sep-2008Bioconversion of Cellulosic Agricultural WastesGoyal, Dinesh; Ajnavi, Somesh
4-Sep-2012Bioconversion of Different Carbohydrate Substrates to Ethanol and Acetic AcidGoyal, Dinesh; Kaur, Deepinder
7-Aug-2015Biodiesel production from waste lignocellulosic materials using in-house oleaginous yeastMathur, A.S.; Goyal, Dinesh; Chawla, Simarpreet Kaur
28-Feb-2007Biosorption of Cadmium by FungiGoyal, Dinesh; Chatterjee, Nandini
1-May-2007Biosorption of Heavy MetalsGoyal, Dinesh; Joshi, Navneet
24-Oct-2019Business Incubation in Agri-business: A Strategic Model for Critical Success FactorsKiran, Ravi; Goyal, Dinesh; Bose, Subhas Chandra
22-Aug-2014Characterization and fermentation of Bamboo leaf litter biomass for ethanol productionGoyal, Dinesh; Kanika
20-Sep-2013Characterization of cellulase from Bacillus subtilis N15Goyal, Dinesh; Choudhary, Dinseh
5-Feb-2010Chromium Removal from Tannery Effluent by Microbial BiomassGoyal, Dinesh; Sharma, Indu
19-Aug-2015Composting of Organic Wastes for Use in AgricultureGoyal, Dinesh; Sharma, Drishti
21-Sep-2022Development of biodegradable waste recycling systemGoyal, Dinesh; Saini, R. S.; Kaur, Simranjit
29-Mar-2013Development of Biosensor for Heavy Metal DetectionGoyal, Dinesh; Datta, Minakshi
20-Nov-2014Development of Fly Ash based Blue Green Algal Inoculants for Rice Crop ProductionGoyal, Dinesh; Kaur, Rajinder
27-Apr-2011Diversity of Pyrene Degrading Microbes and Molecular Analysis of Pyrene Degrading PathwayGoyal, Dinesh; Khanna, Sunil; Khanna, Purnima
25-Aug-2014Effect of gluten hydrolysate on plant growthGoyal, Dinesh; Jyotika
26-Aug-2016Effect of pesticides on cyanobacteria used in paddy cultivationGoyal, Dinesh; Swati
19-Aug-2015Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Starchy Waste for Bio-Ethanol ProductionGoyal, Dinesh; Saggi, Sandeep Kaur
16-Aug-2018Evaluation of microbial consortium for rapid composting of rice strawGoyal, Dinesh; Kaur, Tamanraj
27-Sep-2022Extraction of Total Phenolics from Different Waste BiomassGoyal, Dinesh; Kalra, Kanika