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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2012Automation of Data Flow Based TestingGarhwal, Sunita; Lochav, Ravideep
7-Aug-2012Closure Properties of Prefix-Free and Suffix-Free Regular LanguagesGarhwal, Sunita; Lochan, Meenu
24-Jul-2015Design and Development of Antispammer for SMS Spam DetectionKaur, Sanmeet; Garhwal, Sunita; Agarwal, Sakshi
11-Jun-2024Design of Formal Grammar and Model for Composition of Indian MusicKumar, Ajay; Garhwal, Sunita; Bhavya
29-Jul-2015Effectual Mutation Analysis of Relational Database using Minimal Schemata with ParallelizationGarhwal, Sunita; Heena, Gupta
7-Aug-2012Extracting Person Name, Date and Place from Text Document using LEX ToolGarhwal, Sunita; Sharma, Roohi
27-Aug-2013A Greedy based Approach for Generating Minimal Covering Array and Optimal Test Suit for Combinatorial TestingGarhwal, Sunita; Chooramani, Ajay
6-Aug-2009Hybrid scheduling For QoS in WiMAXKumar, Ajay; Garhwal, Sunita; Kumar, Sushil
3-Sep-2014MuString: A Mutation Testing Tool for Reducing Execution Time of Mutants Using String Matching AlgorithmGarhwal, Sunita; Mittal, Rashi
12-Aug-2016Perspective of Rough Set Theory in Feature Selection and its ApplicationGarhwal, Sunita; Gupta, Swati
27-Aug-2013Priority based Hybrid Automation TestingGarhwal, Sunita; Priyanka
30-Oct-2017Some Improvements in the Construction of Fuzzy AutomataJiwari, Ram; Garhwal, Sunita
3-Sep-2014StoreApp: A Fault Injection Testing Tool for Software Using Web ServiceGarhwal, Sunita; Deher, Rajbir Singh
18-Sep-2013Test case generation of a C program using CFGGarhwal, Sunita; Jasjeet, Singh
25-Aug-2015Water quality sensing with sensors and mobile smart phoneSaxena, Sharad; Garhwal, Sunita; Mourya, Ghanshyam