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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2020Algorithms for Solving Decision-Making Problem Under Type-2 Fuzzy SetsGarg, Harish; Singh, Sukhveer
7-Sep-2015Arithmetic operations using sigmoidal function under fuzzy environment and Its application to decision makingGarg, Harish; Kaur, Pavneet
2014Generalized Parabolic Fuzzy Numbers and it's ApplicationsGarg, Harish; Ansha
23-Jun-2020Measures & Aggregation Operators on Fuzzy/Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets with Applications to Decision-MakingGarg, Harish; Arora, Rishu
10-Oct-2019Methods for Solving Decision-Making Problems Under Neutrosophic EnvironmentGarg, Harish; Nancy
22-Aug-2016Reliability Analysis of an Industrial System Using an Improved Arithmetic OperationsGarg, Harish; Dhiman, Pooja
22-Aug-2016Reliability Analysis of an Industrial System using T-Norm and T-Conorm OperationsGarg, Harish; Garg, Shaweta
24-Oct-2019Reliability and Maintenance Scheduling Actions for Series - Parallel SystemGarg, Harish; Kaur, Gurpreet
28-Jul-2021Some Aggregation Operators & Information Measures for Solving Decision-Making ProblemsGarg, Harish; Rani, Dimple
9-Aug-2021Some Algorithms for Decision-Making Problems Based on the Extensions of Intuitionistic Fuzzy SetsGarg, Harish; Kaur, Gagandeep
21-Aug-2017Some Methods for Analyzing the Reliability of Series-Parallel Systems Using Generalized Intuitionistic Fuzzy NumberGarg, Harish; Priyanka
31-Jul-2018Some New Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy Measures and Its Applications to Decision-Making ProcessGarg, Harish; Kaur, Jaspreet
24-Feb-2020Some Strategical Methods for Solving Decision-Making Problems under Fuzzy/Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set EnvironmentGarg, Harish; Kumar, Kamal