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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2022Adaptive Learning System with Educational Data Mining and Learning AnalyticsKumar, Parteek; Garg, Deepak; Anika
12-Aug-2010Algorithm for Detection of Hot Spots of Traffic Through Analysis of GPS DataGarg, Deepak; Tripathi, Jitesh Pati
10-Aug-2010An-Approach to Solve a Bi-Objective Un-Capacitated Facility Location ProblemGarg, Deepak; Sharma, Mahesh Kumar; Gudla, Bala Krishna
5-Aug-2014Applying Data Mining for Job Recommendations by Exploring Job PreferencesGarg, Deepak; Gupta, Anika
11-Aug-2010An Approach to Efficient Network Flow Algorithm for Solving Maximum Flow ProblemGarg, Deepak; Goel, Shivani; Jain, Chintan
13-Jul-2011A Better Approach to Mine Frequent Itemsets Using Apriori and FP-Tree ApproachVerma, Karun; Garg, Deepak; Gupta, Bharat
7-Aug-2014Bootstrap Sequential Projection Multi Kernel Locality Sensitive HashingGarg, Deepak; Mehta, Harsham
4-Jul-2011Cache-Aware and Cache-Oblivious AlgorithmsGarg, Deepak; Ritika
24-Jul-2009Choosing Best Algorithm Design Strategies For a Particular ProblemGarg, Deepak; Kumar, Ravinder; Nigam, Shailendra Kumar
24-Jul-2009Choosing Best Hashing Strategies and Hash FunctionsGarg, Deepak; Singh, Mahima
24-Jul-2009Choosing the Best Heuristic for a NP-ProblemGarg, Deepak; Maaroju, Narendhar
24-Jul-2009Choosing the Efficient Algorithm for Vertex Cover ProblemGarg, Deepak; Kumar, K.V.R.
24-Jul-2009Complexity Analysis Involving Heterogeneous SystemGarg, Deepak; Sharma, Kuldeep
17-Nov-2014Design and Simulation of Algorithm for the K-Centre ProblemGarg, Deepak; Singh, Rattan Pal
3-May-2013Design of Algorithms for Gene PredictionsGarg, Deepak; Maji, Srabanti
5-Nov-2012Designing a Framework for an Efficient ERP Implementation in Technical Educational InstitutionsKiran, Ravi; Garg, Deepak; Goel, Shivani
21-Oct-2013Developing efficient algorithms for incremental mining of sequential patternsGarg, Deepak; Grover, P. S.; Bhawna, Mallick
26-Mar-2014Developing Event Based Middleware for Information Dissemination in Vehicular Ad-hoc NetworksGarg, Deepak; Gore, M.M.; Tulika
11-Mar-2019Efficient Geometric Algorithms for Resource Location ModelsGarg, Deepak; Singh, Maninder; Monika
17-Jul-2012Efficient Method for Deadlock Detection and Avoidance Using Two Way SearchGarg, Deepak; Tyagi, Megha