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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Sep-2021Academic Performance: The Role of Self-Regulation, Personality and Physical ActivityGanguly, Sohinee; Sayal, Vibhuti
10-Sep-2021Comparative Study of Self-esteem, Happiness, Psychological well-being and Satisfaction with life in Working and Non -Working WomenGanguly, Sohinee; Kaur, Harneet
28-Jun-2023Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Emotional Regulation and Quality of Life in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Qualitative and Quantitative StudyGanguly, Sohinee; Bhardwaj, Tanvi
16-Nov-2021Empathy, Psychological well-being and Self-compassion: the Role of SpiritualityGanguly, Sohinee; Sharma, Sheetal
28-Jun-2023The Impact of Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Self-Esteem on Body Image Comparison of Young AdultsGanguly, Sohinee; Ishana
18-Jul-2019Impact of Emotional Intelligence, Percieved Stress and Academic self Efficacy On Happiness and Academic PerformanceGanguly, Sohinee; Singh, Amrinder
16-Sep-2021Impact of Exposure to Armed Violence and Drug Use on Nightmares, Anhedonia and Somatic Symptoms in the Kashmiri populationGanguly, Sohinee; Supriya
21-Nov-2022Impact of Hope, Resilience, And Cognitive Flexibility on Stress and ImmunityGanguly, Sohinee; Gupta, Ashima
11-Jul-2023The Impact of Humor Styles on Attachment and Conflict Management of Young AdultsGanguly, Sohinee; Gupta, Jahnavi
28-Jun-2023Impact of Personality, and Emotional Intelligence on Attitude Towards Animals Among College StudentsGanguly, Sohinee; Jain, Rishika
21-Nov-2022Predicting Stress: The Role of Romantic Relationship Satisfaction, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Emotional IntelligenceGanguly, Sohinee; Mansimran, Kaur
11-Jul-2023Relationship between Home Environment and Emotional Competence of AdolescentsGanguly, Sohinee; Tandon, Sanchita
28-Jun-2023Relationship between Trait Emotional Intelligence, Narcissism, and Life SatisfactionGanguly, Sohinee; Neha
13-Mar-2023The Relationship of Parental Overprotection and Care With Anger, Stress and Psychological WellbeingGanguly, Sohinee; Kaur, Sukhpreet
27-Jun-2019Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Qualities and Self-Efficacy Among University StudentsGanguly, Sohinee; Grewal, Nanki