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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jul-2017Adaptive Firefly Strategies for Load Frequency Controller DesignGanguli, Souvik; Garg, Ricky
23-Aug-2012Comparative Performance Study of ACO and ABC Optimization based PID Controller Tuning for Speed Control of DC Motor DrivesGanguli, Souvik; Kaushal, Jitender
28-Aug-2012Comparative Performance Study of Evolutionary and Immune Algorithm based PID Controller Tuning for Speed Control of DC Motor DrivesGanguli, Souvik; Tyagi, Monu
28-Aug-2012Comparative Performance Study of PSO and BFO Algorithm based PID Controller Tuning for Speed Control of DC Motor DrivesGanguli, Souvik; Silswal, Brijesh
29-Aug-2011Comparative Study of Various Converter Topologies of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Using P-SpiceGanguli, Souvik; Singh, Satvinder
14-Oct-2013Design and Analysis of a 60 kW DC-DC converter for Hybrid Electric VehicleGanguli, Souvik; Dutta, Dharam
30-Oct-2019Development of novel hybrid metaheuristic algorithms for identification and control in the delta domainSarkar, Prasanta; Kaur, Gagandeep; Ganguli, Souvik
12-Aug-2014Development of Solar Array Emulator to improve Testing of Solar ProductsGanguli, Souvik; Wachasundar, Shripad; Munjal, Ayush
11-Aug-2014Economic Load Dispatch Using Firefly AlgorithmGanguli, Souvik; Saxena, Nishant
29-Aug-2011Investigation on the Power Factor Correction Circuits for Switched Reluctance Motor DrivesGanguli, Souvik; Kumar, Manoj
18-Jul-2017Load Frequency Controller Tuning Using Chaotic Firefly AlgorithmGanguli, Souvik; Chaudhary, Tripti
24-Aug-2011Microcontroller Based Stepper Motor Drive for an Elevator SystemGanguli, Souvik; Singh, Hirdaypal
30-Aug-2022Modelling and Control of Electric Motor Drives Using New Chaotic Gorilla Troops OptimisationGanguli, Souvik; Chaudhary, Rahul
13-Sep-2010A Novel Method of Inverter Design in Grid Connected Photovoltaic SystemGanguli, Souvik; Singh, Navdeep
24-Aug-2011Online Estimation and Control in Delta Domain Using Time MomentsGanguli, Souvik; Khurana, Nitin
24-Aug-2011Optimal Adaptive Visual Servoing of Robot ManipulatorsGanguli, Souvik; Hans, Sikander
30-Sep-2022Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources Using Metaheuristic AlgorithmsNijhawan, Parag; Ganguli, Souvik; Gupta, Jyoti
24-Aug-2015Parameter estimation of distribution transformer using harmony search algorithmGanguli, Souvik; Puri, Tanu
24-Aug-2015Parameter estimation of induction motor using music inspired algorithmGanguli, Souvik; Singla, Komal
12-Aug-2014Parameter Identification and Control of DC Motor using Curve Fitting TechniqueGanguli, Souvik; Gupta, Kirti