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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Sep-2013Approach for web-enabled client based macros for 3-dimensonal designing and toolpath generation for artistic featuresDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Kumar, Ravinder; Bangotra, Aniket
19-Sep-2014Automatic NC Toolpath Generation for 3D Sculptured Features Extracted from 2D ImageDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Kumar, Ravinder; Thakur, Rahul
31-Aug-2013Computer Aided NC Tool Path Planning for 3-Axis Vertical Milling Using Conical ToolDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Sharma, Abhishek
Jul-2014Controlled Scallop Height Tool Path Generation for 3-Axis Vertical CNC Machining of STL SurfacesDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Rajiv
25-Aug-2015Design of Automotive Sun Visor SystemDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar; Dewedi, Sourabh
21-Sep-2023Development and Experimental Investigations into Multi-Jet Rotary Nanofinishing ProcessDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Saini, Jaswinder Singh; Choudhary, Shubham
5-Oct-2012Development of Visual Interface and Hardware Logic for Open Architecture NC Controller for 3-Axis Simultaneous InterpolationDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Kansal, Ankush; Kumar, Rahul
12-Aug-2016Effect Of Cutting Parameters On Surface Finish And Noise Patterns For Machining Of EN-24 Steel With TiAlN Coated Tungsten Carbide Inserts IN 3-AXIS Vertical End Milling OperationDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Singh, Daljeet; Dayal, Amrita
12-Aug-2016Effect of Tool Radius and Iso-parametric Discretization of Triangulated NURBS Surfaces on Surface Finish in 3-axis Vertical Finish Machining Using Ball End MillDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Jain, Prakhar
24-Aug-2015Efficient NC Toolpath Generation for 3-axis Machining of 3-Dimensional Freeform Faceted Surfaces Developed from Digital ImagesDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Sood, Sumit
1-Oct-2009Empirical Modeling for a Submerged ARC Welding Process for Predicting the Weld Bead Geometry and MicrostructureBatish, Ajay; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Kumar, Parveen
5-Sep-2012Fabrication and Design Evaluation Using Cae Tools for a 3-Axis Vertical Milling Machine for Sculptured Surface MachiningDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Sharma, Sandeep; Mahajan, Akhil
19-Aug-2009Fractional Factorial Analysis and Empirical Modeling of Cardiopulmonary Responses During Lifting OperationsBatish, Ajay; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Singh, Baljeet
5-Oct-2012Generalized Tool Path Planning Approach for Finish Machining for 3-Axis Vertical MillingDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Kumar, Gaurav
19-Sep-2014Methodology for Design and Selection of Components of 3-Axis CNC Granite Carving Machine ToolDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Sharma, Sandeep; Parmar, Vivek
19-Sep-2014A Methodology for Simulation and Verification of Tool Path Data for 3-Axis and 5-Axis CNC MachiningDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Singh, Vishaldeep
19-Sep-2013Ranking of wood species for automated ornamental carving on CNC router using madm approachDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Sharma, Sandeep K.; Bansal, Vikrant
21-Oct-2011Simulated Topographic Error Prediction for 3-Axis MillingJawanda, A. S.; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Kalra, Balram
19-Sep-2014Structural Design of 3-AXIS CNC Machine Tool for Wood CarvingSharma, Sandeep; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Thapa, Sashank
11-Aug-2016Study of Effect of Machining Parameters on Surface Finish and Noise Patterns for Machining EN 19 Steel with PVD TiN Coated Mixed Ceramic Inserts in CNC Turning OperationDuvedi, Ravinder Kumar; Singh, Daljeet; Arora, Deepti