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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2018Ambient Air Quality Monitoring of Ludhiana City as a Part of Source Apportionment StudyDhir, Amit; Garg, Pradeep; Bansal, Tanvi
24-Aug-2012Ambient Air Quality of an Industrial Estate-Mandi GobindgarhDhir, Amit; Gupta, Abhishek
25-Oct-2019Application of Ionizing Radiations in Conjunction with Biological Treatment for the Degradation of Pharmaceutical EffluentsDhir, Amit; Changotra, Rahil
24-Aug-2015Assessment of the Use of Steel Slag and/or Air Pollution Control Devices Dust in theManufacturing of Fly Ash Bricks/BlocksDhir, Amit; Sharma, Shivang
Aug-2011Chemical Characterisation of Aerosols Emitted from Household Biomass Burning of Madhya Pradesh, IndiaSharma, S. K.; Dhir, Amit; Pandey, Gaurav
15-Oct-2022Chemical Characterization and Source Apportionment of Air Borne Particulate Matter in Western Region of IndiaDhir, Amit; Gupta, Abhishek
18-Sep-2014Comparative Studies of Air Pollution Modelling Techniques from a Point Source(s) of a Thermal Power PlantDhir, Amit; Rahil, Changotra
2-Sep-2014Comparative Studies on the Photocatalytic Degradation of 2,4,6- Trichlorophenol Under Various Irradiation SourcesDhir, Amit; Kaur, Navdeep
24-Aug-2015Comparison of Dispersion Models in the Assessment of Air Quality due to Vehicular EmissionsDhir, Amit; Goyal, Upasana
4-Sep-2012Computer Aided Process Designing of Sewage Treatment Plant Using Activated Sludge ProcessDhir, Amit; Singh, Gunsagardeep
14-Sep-2016Construction of Small Bore Sewerage System for Rural Habitation and It’s Environmental AssessmentDhir, Amit; Pandey, Ashish
12-Nov-2018Correlation and Source Profiling of Organic Tarry Matter and PAHs in Fine Particulate Matter in Urban Ambient AirDhir, Amit; Rajor, Anita; Garg, Sandeep
24-Sep-2008Decolourization of Dye and Textile Effluent using Advanced Oxidation ProcessesDhir, Amit; Yadav, Somdutt
13-Sep-2022Dry-oxidative Reforming for Synthesis of Hydrogen Augmented Biogas & its Utilization in Internal Combustion EngineDhir, Amit; Sharma, Himanshu
23-Aug-2013Effect of crop residue burning emission on ambient air quality of industrial area - Mandi GobindgarhDhir, Amit; Chanduka, Lippi
22-Aug-2016Effect of Crop Residue Burning Over North IndiaDhir, Amit; Mandal, T. K.; Palak
24-Aug-2012Environment Impact Assesment for Four Laning of Nh-64 from Zirakpur to PatialaDhir, Amit; Chopra, Tanuj; Sharma, Ashish
3-Nov-2023Flood Risk Assessment Due to Urbanisation and Climatic Factors using Geospatial Approach: A Case Study of Ghaggar River BasinDhir, Amit; Ratha, Dwarikanath; Gorai, Sanjoy
16-Oct-2019Hydrogen enrichment of biogas through reforming & its utilization in compression ignition engine under dual fuel modeDhir, Amit; Mohapatra, S. K.; Rosha, Pali
25-Oct-2016Integration of photocatalytic and biological processes for treatment of biorecalcitrant pharmaceuticalsDhir, Amit; Bhatia, Vibhu