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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2009Analysis and Design of a DRAM Cell for Low LeakageChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Singh, Rashmi
24-Sep-2009Analysis and Design of a DRAM Cell for Low LeakageChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Singh, Rashmi
23-Sep-2009Analysis and Design of Cache Memory Cell for Leakage Power ReductionChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Sachdeva, Rohit
3-Nov-2009Analysis, Verification and FPGA Implementation of Vedic Multiplier With Bist CapabilityChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Kumar, Vinay
18-Aug-2017Analytical Drain Current Model of Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator MOSFET with Back-Gate ControlChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Gupta, Anjali Kumari
23-Jul-2015Analytical Modeling of Drain Current in the Subthreshold Region for Double-Gate Junctionless MOSFETChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Deb Singha, Arindam
18-Aug-2017Analytical Modeling of Subthreshold Current in Graded-Channel Dual-Material Double-Gate MOSFETChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Pankaj
Aug-2018Analytical Modeling of Threshold Voltage and Subthreshold Drain Current for Double-gate Junctionless MOSFETChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Bharti, Aman
26-Aug-2014Applications of Capacitance in Monitoring of Microbial BiofilmsGhosh, Moushumi; Chatterjee, Arun Kumar; Singh, Pawandeep
23-Jul-2015Design and Analysis of a Low Power Tri-Gate Trapezoidal FinfetChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Musalgaonkar, Gaurav
14-Aug-2014Design And Analysis of Nanocrystal Flash Memory Cell Based on Single Gate and Double Gate Mosfet StruturesChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Singla, Anurag
18-Oct-2023Design and Analysis of Structurally Engineered Junctionless Field-Effect-TransistorChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Pandey, Rishikesh; Kumar, Sandeep
3-Aug-2012Design and Simulation of Low Power and Stable 7T SRAM CellChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Puri, Nikhil
27-Aug-2013Design of a high speed and low power sense amplifierChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Kumar, Sunil
10-Aug-2018Design of a Low Power 8T SRAM Cell with Improved StabilityChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Sharma, Gaurav
27-Aug-2013Design of high speed and low power SRAM decoderChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Jain, Shivkaran
30-Aug-2010Design of Low Power and High Speed Sense AmplifierChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Himanshu
3-Aug-2010Design of Low Power High Performance SOI Dram CellChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Harsimranjot
5-Oct-2011Design of Partially Depleted SOI MOSFET for Low Power ApplicationChatterjee, Arun Kumar; Agrawal, Shiva