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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2014CFD Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in an Agitated VesselChandra, Avinash; Sangal, Vikas Kumar; Singh, Harwinder
4-Sep-2017Chemical Analysis of Wheat Straw and Digested Slurry for Pulp & Paper ProductionChandra, Avinash; Kaur, Navjot
12-Aug-2013Confined Flow over Semi-circular Cylinder in Steady Flow RegimeChandra, Avinash; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Dhiman, Manish
14-Aug-2019Effect of Plasticizer on the Drying of Poly (Styrene) - P-Xylene Polymeric CoatingsAhuja, Sanjeev Kumar; Chandra, Avinash; Kaur, Harmandeep
9-Aug-2018Enzymetic Degradation of Turmeric Rhizome for the Extraction of Essential OilChandra, Avinash; Dharminder
2-Aug-2018Extraction of Activated Carbon and Silica from Rice HuskChandra, Avinash; Devi, Priyanka
18-Sep-2014Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer in Stirred Vessel Using CFDChandra, Avinash; Sangal, Vikas Kumar; Singh, Jagjit
3-Nov-2023Mixed Convection Heat Transfer from Semi-circular Cylinders in a Vertical ChannelChandra, Avinash; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Gupta, Rakesh Kumar
14-Sep-2016Quantative and Qualitative Analysis of Essential Oil Obtained From Turmeric RhizomesSingh, Satnam; Chandra, Avinash; Malik, Nisha
21-Aug-2015Removal of copper from aqueous solutions using reactive extractionDutta, Dipaloy; Chandra, Avinash; Datta, Arghya
25-Aug-2021Residence Time Distribution Studies on Continuous Flow Pulping Digester Using RadiotracerChandra, Avinash; Bhunia, Haripada; Meenakshi
21-Sep-2023Transport Characteristics of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer through Porous Media and Porous Obstacles for Various Configurations and FluidsSharma, Sapna; Chandra, Avinash; Kaur, Rajvinder