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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Agent-Based Resource Monitoring For Grid EnvironmentChana, Inderveer; Goel, Kunal
6-Aug-2009Aglets Mobile Agent based Grid Monitoring SystemChana, Inderveer; Choudhury, Arindam
29-Jul-2016Analysis of Data Security Algorithms for Grain Storage SystemsChana, Inderveer; Guha, Paramita; Verma, Ankita
8-Mar-2007Analyzing and Designing Risk Metrics for Software ProjectsChana, Inderveer; Goel, Shivani
6-Aug-2013Automated architecture for portability in pass using virtual applianceChana, Inderveer; Singh, Rajinder
8-Jun-2015Autonomic Fault Tolerant Scheduling for Multiple Workflows in Cloud EnvironmentChana, Inderveer; Bala, Anju
28-Jul-2011Autonomic Workflow Controller Model for GridsChana, Inderveer; Singh, Ashima; Singh, Harshpreet
1-May-2007Camparition of Variants of Blast (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)Chana, Inderveer; Kaur, Harpreet
25-Jul-2023Cloud Based Network Analysis Model for Predicting Disease-Diet AssociationsChana, Inderveer; Toor, Rashmeet
29-Jul-2016Cloud Resource Prediction for Healthcare as a Scientific ApplicationChana, Inderveer; Toor, Rashmeet
31-May-2021Cloud-based Sanskrit to Hindi Machine Translation SystemChana, Inderveer; Kumar, Ravinder; Singh, Muskaan
30-Jul-2015Day-ahead Pricing Model for Smart CloudChana, Inderveer; Chetan
30-Aug-2010Design and Development of A Grid PortalChana, Inderveer; Kumar, Virendra
3-Jan-2012Design and Development of Business Intelligence Portal in Cloud ComputingChana, Inderveer; Chawla, Sonam
29-Sep-2008Design and Development of Resource Repository for Grid EnvironmentChana, Inderveer; Sharma, Rohit
Oct-2011Design and Development of Virtualized Hybrid Architecture for Cloud ComputingChana, Inderveer; Bala, Anju; Sharma, Aarti
30-Aug-2010Design and Implementation of Security Policy for Public CloudChana, Inderveer; Alam, Jarrar
31-Oct-2023Distributed Data Deduplication Techniques for Efficient Cloud Storage SystemBhattacharya, Jhilik; Chana, Inderveer; Kaur, Ravneet
1-May-2007DNA Computing for Signal MatchingChana, Inderveer; Singh, Amardeep; Sharma, Madhu
6-Aug-2013Efficient cloud workload management frameworkChana, Inderveer; Singh, Sukhpal