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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2014Biodegradability studies of HDPE/PLLA blends under controlled composting environmentBhunia, Haripada; Bajpai, P. K.; Kaur, Jasmeet
31-Aug-2011Biodegradability Studies of Linear Low Density Polyethylene and its Blends Using Composted Municipal Solid WasteBajpai, P. K.; Bhunia, Haripada; Sharma, Ankita
13-Aug-2013Biodegradation of High Density Polyethylene and Poly (l) Lactic Acid BlendsBhunia, Haripada; Bajpai, Pramod K.; Khare, Onam
12-Sep-2012Biodegradation of Modified Polypropylene FilmsBhunia, Haripada; Rajor, Anita; Nayak, Pallavi
18-Jul-2018Carbon adsorbents synthesized from plastic waste for CO2 captureBhunia, Haripada; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Kaur, Simarjot
21-Aug-2015Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on Metal Organic Framework Basolite C300Bajpai, P. K.; Bhunia, Haripada; Chugh, Ronjish
6-Oct-2022Carbon dioxide capture by carbon adsorbents derived from waste plasticsBhunia, Haripada; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Kaur, Balpreet
23-Aug-2010Degradability Studies of Linear Low Density Polyethylene and its Blends with PolylactideBajpai, P. K.; Bhunia, Haripada; Kaur, Navleen
28-Mar-2016Development and Characterization of Nanostructured Carbon Adsorbents for Carbon Dioxide CaptureBajpai, Pramod K.; Bhunia, Haripada; Goel, Chitrakshi
16-Jul-2018Development of Degradable Polypropylene by Radiation Grafting and Blending with Polylactic AcidBhunia, Haripada; Bajpai, Pramod Kumar; Mandal, Dev Kumar
7-Jun-2021Development of Degradable Polypropylene Using Organic AdditivesBhunia, Haripada; Ahuja, Sanjeev Kumar; Sable, Sunil Satwaji
10-Sep-2014Development of HMMM based Adsorbents by Nanocasting for CO2 CaptureBajpai, P. K.; Bhunia, Haripada; Harleen, Kaur
26-Oct-2021Development of Nanostructured Metal Based Electrocatalyst for Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to AlcoholsBhunia, Haripada; Singh, Neetu; Dongare, Saudagar Balasaheb
18-Dec-2017Development of Polypropylene-Polylactide Blends and their Degradation by Bacterial IsolatesReddy, M.S.; Bhunia, Haripada; Jain, Kimi
9-Sep-2014Failure Analysis of Pin Joints in Carbon-Epoxy Nanoclay Composite LaminatesSaini, J. S.; Bhunia, Haripada; Badhwar, Rohit
2-Sep-2014Failure Analysis of Pin Joints in Glass-Epoxy Nanoclay Composite LaminatesBhunia, Haripada; Saini, J. S.; Singh, Mandeep
1-May-2019Hygrothermal Effects on Strength of Mechanical Joints Prepared From Glass Epoxy Composite LaminatesSaini, Jaswinder Singh; Bhunia, Haripada; Singh, Kulwinder
16-Aug-2017Investigation of different parameters on the performance of single lap jointsSaini, J. S.; Bhunia, Haripada; Singh, Jaspreet
12-Sep-2013Investigation on the Mechanical Properties of TiO2/SiO2 Epoxy Hybrid NanocompositesBhunia, Haripada; Saini, Jaswinder Singh; Kumar, Parvesh
17-Aug-2021Investigations on the Mechanical Joints Prepared From Electron Beam Cured Carbon Epoxy Nanocomposite LaminatesSaini, Jaswinder Singh; Bhunia, Haripada; Kumar, Mohit