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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2011Analysis and Comparison of Economic Load Dispatch Using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm OptimizationBhullar, Suman; Kaur, Arunpreet
27-Jul-2017Analysis and Modelling of Matrix Converter as a Frequency ChangerSonar, Santosh; Bhullar, Suman; Pandit Sidharth
3-Oct-2008Analysis of AGC Using Conventional and Fuzzy Logic ControllerBhullar, Suman; Kaur, Navreet
3-Oct-2008Comparative Analysis of Power System Stabilizer under small scale stability considerations using conventional,Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Based ControllersBhullar, Suman; Joshi, Manpreet
3-Aug-2012Control of Photovoltaic Grid Connected System Using Incremental Conductance MethodNijhawan, Parag; Bhullar, Suman; Sharma, Menika
1-Oct-2009Development of Ann based System for Stable and Efficient Power Distribution SystemBhullar, Suman; Singh, Kuldeep
12-Aug-2009Economic Load Dispatch using Fuzzy Logic Controlled Genetic AlgorithmBhullar, Suman; Singh, Satyendra Pratap
4-Sep-2014Energy Audit of An Academic Institution (RIMT Polytechnic)Bhullar, Suman; Kumar, Dharminder
28-Oct-2013Energy Audit of Thermal Power PlantNijhawan, Parag; Bhullar, Suman; Singh, Paljinder
28-Aug-2012Energy Auditing of Induction Motor based on Life Cycle Cost ComparisonBhullar, Suman; Singh, Gurdeep
25-Aug-2015Energy Management of the Commercial Building Using Simulation ModellingBhullar, Suman; Singh, Sukhvinder
12-Aug-2009Fast Decoupled Power Flow for Unbalanced Radial Distribution SystemBhullar, Suman; Singh, Kuldeep
19-Aug-2014Hardware Implementation and Design of PV Off-Grid for smart Street Lighting SystemBhullar, Suman; Singh, Satwinder
19-Aug-2014Investigating the Performance of Hybrid Wind-Microturbine Generation System in Stand-Alone EnvironmentBhullar, Suman; Singh, Bhanu Pratap
24-Jul-2017Load Flow of Distribution System Using Graph AlgorithmBhullar, Suman; Ashraf, Tafheem
10-Jun-2019Load-flow and Stable Planning of Radial Distribution Networks using Distributed GenerationGhosh, Smarajit; Bhullar, Suman
12-Aug-2009Maximum Loss Reduction by Optimal Placement of Capacitor on Radial Distribution SystemBhullar, Suman; Bansal, Priya Kant
9-Sep-2022Microgrid Operation under Various Types of Faults for the Assessment of Power Quality ParametersKaushal, Jitender; Bhullar, Suman; Kaur, Navneet
23-Sep-2019Optimal Placing and Sizing of Distributed Generation Units in Radial Distribution NetworksGhosh, Smarajit; Bhullar, Suman; Bhattacharya, Tamoghna
13-Aug-2012Optimization of Fuel Mix of Waste to Energy Plant Using Genetic AlgorithmBhullar, Suman; Kaur, Manbir; Sandhu, Tejinder Singh