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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Sep-2019A Comparative Investigation on the Tribology and Microstructure of MWCNT Reinforced h-AMMC Sintered by Conventional and Microwave Heating RouteBhowmick, Hiralal; Gupta, Dheeraj; Kumar, Rajat
9-Aug-2019Design and Development of Universal Counter Wrench and Poly Sleeve/Filler Bushing Removal Tool for Triathlon Limb Salvage ProgramBhowmick, Hiralal; Dhawan, Atul; Sharma, Nikhil
2-Sep-2019Development and Characterization of Functionally Graded Materials by Microwave HeatingGupta, Dheeraj; Bhowmick, Hiralal; Kaushal, Sarbjeet
26-Aug-2017Effect of Processing Parameters on the Hardness and Sliding Wear Behaviour of Sintered Cu-CNT CompositeBhowmick, Hiralal; Srivastava, Vineet; Hunjan, Gaganpreet
2017An Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Hardness and Deformation Behavior of Particle Reinforced AMMCBhowmick, Hiralal; Saini, Shivam
12-Aug-2016Fabrication & Tribological Study of Copper Based Sintered CompositesSrivastava, Vineet; Bhowmick, Hiralal; Somani, Nalin
15-Sep-2021High Temperature Corrosion Behavior of Stellite 6 Coated Superalloy in Gas Turbine EnvironmentMudgal, Deepa; Bhowmick, Hiralal; Sharma, Shrutika
2-Aug-2017Influence of Particle Additives on the Lubricated Tribology of Aluminium Metal Matrix CompositeBhowmick, Hiralal; Singh, ParamPreet
2-Mar-2021An Investigation on Wet Tribology of Dispersed Solid Lubricants in The Presence of SurfactantBhowmick, Hiralal; Singh, Harpreet
19-Aug-2015Study on the Influence of Process Parameters of WEDM on the Machinability of D2 SteelBhowmick, Hiralal; Singh, Amanpreet
20-Aug-2015Study on The Tribology of Aluminium Metal Matrix Hybrid Composites Reinforced with SiC and Al2O3Bhowmick, Hiralal; Kumar, Mohit
20-Aug-2015Surface roughness, hardness and microstructure characterization of cold rolled sheetBhowmick, Hiralal; Talwar, Gaurav
24-Aug-2017Tribo-Evaluation of Some Candidate AMMC Discs Sliding Against Automobile Brake PadBhowmick, Hiralal; Sharma, Gaurav
20-Aug-2015Tribological Behavior of Hybrid Al6063 MMCs Reinforced with Gr/MoS2 and SiC ParticulatesBhowmick, Hiralal; Kumar, Azad