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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Sep-2017ABE Based Secure Distributed Storage Scheme for Big Data in CloudBhatia, Tarunpreet; Verma, A. K.; Jain, Bhawna
8-Aug-2016Artificial Intelligence based Intrusion Detection System to detect Flooding Attack in VANETsBhatia, Tarunpreet; Aneja, Mannat Jot Singh
8-Aug-2016Detection of Sybil Attack using Centrality and ACO in Opportunistic NetworksBhatia, Tarunpreet; Kaur, Gurleen
27-Jul-2018An Efficient Framework for Data Security in Mobile Cloud Computing ParadigmVerma, Anil Kumar; Bhatia, Tarunpreet
26-Jun-2023Framework for Efficient Spam Detection in Online Social NetworkVerma, Anil Kumar; Bhatia, Tarunpreet; Rao, Sanjeev
30-Apr-2024A Framework for Improving Agri-Food Supply Chain with Blockchain TechnologySharma, Anupam; Bhatia, Tarunpreet; Sharma, Anandika
17-Aug-2017GIS-Based Multi-Hazard Susceptibility Assessment using Machine LearningBhatia, Tarunpreet; Verma, A. K.; Sachdeva, Shruti
5-Aug-2016Mitigation of Wormhole Attack in VANETs using Trust based secure DV-Hop Localization AlgorithmBhatia, Tarunpreet; Bhalla, Vinod Kumar; Rani, Ritu
26-Aug-2016Multiclass Diagnosis Model for Heart Disease using PSO based SVMBhatia, Tarunpreet; Dembla, Prerna
5-Aug-2013Novel Defense Schemes against DoS Attacks in MANETsVerma, Anil Kumar; Bhatia, Tarunpreet
24-Jul-2015A Novel Scheme of Detection and Eradication of Wormhole AttackVerma, A. K.; Bhatia, Tarunpreet; Goyal, Svarika
9-Aug-2018Predicting Diabetes Mellitus Using Machine Learning Based Ensemble ModelBhatia, Tarunpreet; Mamta
30-Jul-2018Towards Secure Encryption in Cloud EnvironmentVerma, Anil Kumar; Bhatia, Tarunpreet; Neha