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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2013Common fixed point theorems for mappings satisfying E.A propertyBhatia, S. S.; Kaur, Manpreet
8-Sep-2011Convergence of Complex Trigonometric Sums in the Metric Space LBhatia, S. S.; Kaur, Jatinderdeep; Jindal, Suraj Pratap
26-Aug-2014Design and Analysis of Variable Digital Filters using Fractional Fourier TransformKhanna, Rajesh; Bhatia, S. S.; Pooja
17-Oct-2016Design and Analysis of Wavelet based Steganography Algorithms for JPEG2000 ImagesBhatia, S. S.; Singh, Kulbir; Kasana, Geeta
15-Oct-2014Deterministic Mathematical Modelling of Tuberculosis and HIV DiseasesGhosh, Mini; Bhatia, S. S.; Kaur, Navjot
30-Sep-2014Existence of Fixed Points for Some Mappings in Various SpacesBhatia, S. S.; Kaur, Jatinderdeep; Shahi, Priya
23-Sep-2022Existence of Fixed Points for Various Mappings in Abstract SpacesKaur, Jatinderdeep; Bhatia, S. S.; Jain, Kapil
16-Jul-2014Fixed Point Theorems for Mappings in Some Abstract SpacesBhatia, S. S.; Kumar, Sanjay; Manro, Saurabh
22-Dec-2015Group Theoretic Techniques and Their Applications to Some Nonlinear SystemsGupta, Rajesh Kumar; Bhatia, S. S.; Kumar, Rajeev
12-Sep-2016Hazardous Waste Management By TSDFReddy, A. S.; Bhatia, S. S.; Kumari, Supriya
22-Jul-2019Integrability and L1-convergence of trigonometric series with real and complex coefficientsKaur, Jatinderdeep; Bhatia, S. S.; Chouhan, Sandeep Kaur
3-Jan-2012Notion of Exhaustiveness and Generalized Ascoli TheoremBhatia, S. S.; Aneja, Madhu
19-Sep-2013On 1Ll - convergence of modified trigonometric sumsBhatia, S. S.; Kaur, Hardeep
1-Jun-2017On Generalized Convergence and Related Concepts for Sequences of Fuzzy NumbersBhatia, S. S.; Kaushik, Vijay; Kumar, Pankaj
18-Nov-2011On L1- Convergence of Certain Trigonometric Sums With Semi-Convex CoefficientsBhatia, S. S.; Sharma, Gagandeep
17-Sep-2012On L1-Convergence of Certain Trigonometric Series with Special CoefficientsBhatia, S. S.; Rani, Raj
6-Aug-2010On L1-Convergence of Certain Trigonometric Series with Special CoefficientsBhatia, S. S.; Ram, Babu; Kaur, Jatinderdeep
21-Feb-2013Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Some Process Industrial SystemsLal, A. K.; Bhatia, S. S.; Shakuntla
19-Sep-2014Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis of an Industrial ProcessLal, A. K.; Bhatia, S. S.; Reddy, A. S.; Kaur, Manwinder
29-May-2013Some geometric aspects on submanifolds theoryBhatia, S. S.; Khan, M. A.; Singh, Khushwant